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Twenty One Pilots fans line up days before Schottenstein show

Twenty One Pilots will play at the Schottenstein Center on June 25 as part of their Tour de Columbus, a five-stop hometown tour. | Credit: Emily Dean | Senior Lantern Reporter

As Twenty One Pilots works through its hometown tour, fans from across the country are lining up days before Sunday’s show at the Schottenstein Center in hopes of getting as close as possible.

Twenty-nine-year-old Stephanie Owens said she traveled from Portland, Oregon, to see the duo perform and has been waiting outside the Schottenstein Center since Tuesday afternoon.

After following the band to two other tour stops since last fall, Owens said her journey has been a spiritual one and she doesn’t mind lining up a few days in advance for a show.

“They brought me to God,” she said. “To have something like that introduced to me at my age, it’s worth it, for sure.”

Owens said although she traveled alone, she has made friends with other super fans who are waiting with her, and they have been coming and going in shifts to get food, shower at hotel rooms and go to the restroom.

She and 19-year-old Gabby Stowers from San Francisco purchased general admission floor tickets for Sunday’s show. They’re hoping to stand front and center of the stage for the concert.

Both Owens and Stowers said they have stood as close to the stage as possible at previous shows, and this one will be no different. Both women described the experience as exhilarating, where they can release their inhibitions and truly enjoy the show.

Stowers said the many of the band’s lyrics have not only helped propel the band to success, but have also provided musical therapy to young adults who may struggle with mental illness.

“They’re so relatable,” she said. “I’ve heard so many teenagers say ‘(Twenty One Pilots) saved me’ because their lyrics have helped them through difficult times.”

While en route to Wednesday’s show at Newport Music Hall, Owens and Stowers said the band stopped by to greet the young women waiting outside the Schott, where they took photos with fans and thanked them for their support.

Josh Dunn (Left) and Tyler Joseph (Right) stopped for a photo with a fan waiting outside the Schott ahead of their show at Newport Music Hall on June 21. | Credit: Emily Dean | Senior Lantern Reporter

Owens and Stowers said the band’s dedication to its fans is unwavering.

Twenty One Pilots has spent the last two years promoting its three-time platinum fourth album, “Blurryface.” After hundreds of shows around the world, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn announced a tour exclusive to Columbus, playing at the venues that brought them to where they are today.

The five-show tour began on Tuesday when the duo played an intimate show at The Basement, a local venue set to accommodate a mere 300 people. The tour also made a stop at Newport Music Hall on June 21 and will head to Express Live on June 22.

Moving on to bigger venues, the Columbus natives will play at Nationwide Arena on June 24 and will finish up the tour at the Schott on June 25.

Twenty One Pilots originally announced a three-night hometown tour on March 27, which only included three intimate venues to pay homage to their fans.

Fans were asked to register on the band’s website to receive a code to buy tickets using Ticketmaster Verified Fan — a registered ticketing process used to combat scalpers and bots — by March 28, and codes were randomly released on March 29. The tour sold out in minutes.

On March 30, the band announced an additional show at the Schott and announced a fifth show at Nationwide Arena the next day. Both shows are also sold out and tickets are unavailable.

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