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Ohio State student draws criticism for online video

A video posted online of an Ohio State second-year business major, Katelyn Rust, is getting the attention of many, including condemnation from the university’s Undergraduate Student Government for what they say to be racist dialogue.

The 10-second video, posted to Twitter Sunday night, shows Rust directly talking to the camera, saying “F*** yourself you are hooking up with a black girl. That’s weird. That’s weird as f***. F*** you.”

Aleigha Mason, a first-year at Miami University (Ohio), is subject of the video, and posted it. “Its crazy that racism still exists here @OhioState can’t believe the color of my skin is “weird”. @KatelynRust a sophomore at osu,” Mason tweeted.

“I didn’t even know she existed until today. I danced with her ex boyfriend and for what I understand that’s why she made that video,” Mason said in a text. “I just want her to understand that her comments are hurtful and not okay.”

Twitter users are also questioning Rust’s level of coherence, stating that she appears to be intoxicated. Rust has not responded to The Lantern’s request for comment.

Sophie Chang, Ohio State’s Undergraduate Student Government Vice President condemned Rust’s words.

In a tweet quoting the video, Chang said “This type of behavior & rhetoric is unacceptable. is home to so many & should not be made to feel any less due to skin color.”

The video — which seems to be a video taken of someone’s Aug. 11 saved cell phone recording of Rust — has been quote tweeted by multiple people tagging Ohio State’s Panhellenic Association and Pi Beta Phi chapter, of which Rust is a member, calling for an action by either to reprimand Rust.

“We were made aware of the tweet today. The content in the video is in no way aligned with Pi Beta Phi’s values. We are currently working through our member accountability process,” Ohio State Pi Beta Phi President Tricia Gore, said on behalf of the university chapter and the national organization.

The Lantern has reached out to Ohio State PHA’s president and judicial officer, but did not receive comment before publication.

Update, 8/21 at 1:35 a.m.: This article was updated to include the joint nature of Pi Beta Phi’s response. 


  1. Condemnation by the USG but it doesn’t sound like she’s going to face any negative consequences, both from USG and from her chapter

  2. So we should ruin a young girls life because she said something stupid when drunk? USG is retarded for thinking they need to condemn small stupid stuff like this. Get a life people.

    • I don’t remember saying racist stuff when I was drunk in college…. I don’t think that’s a thing. Uh and racism should be condemned?

      I want to know how it’s so inconceivable to this nondescript, plain jane of a girl that her ex was dancing with a black chick. Who is telling these girls they’re something special? Katelyn you’re painfully average and to have the gall to insult that beautiful young woman shows how utterly deluded you are.

      Being white doesn’t make you prettier or somehow better than a woman of color. But I suppose being a racist you subscribe to that belief. And to top off your underwhelming physical appearance and bigotry, you’re also a stage 5 clinger! Smh.

      • Being inebriated is not an excuse to say such sickening and hurtful words. If you are drinking until you lose control then there is clearly a problem. Perhaps this young woman needs rehabilitation in some form but that does not mean she should not be reprimanded. She is an Adult and who very clearly knows right from wrong. Ohio State is better than this woman and must show they do not stand with her beliefs.

    • There are many, many things wrong with this statement. Being drunk is never an excuse for your actions. What I find as equally troubling as your statement is the fact that you used the r-word. Please look up the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign to understand why that word is hurtful.

  3. Embarrassing….for The Lantern, that is.

    Now “journalists” just going to post videos of random people saying inappropriate things? This is so far out of bounds I don’t know where to start. This is why no one trusts the media. Reporter is the one who needs to be fired. Of course, reporting like this will get you a job with MSNBC or CNN.

  4. “…The content in the video is in no way aligned with Pi Beta Phi’s values. We are currently working through our member accountability process,” Ohio State Pi Beta Phi President Tricia Gore, said on behalf of the university chapter and the national organization.

    Where have I heard that before?

    If they don’t drop this kid and expel her from The Ohio State, she’ll go on behaving in this manner. Haven’t you heard alcohol is basically truth serum?

  5. Lots of people get reprimanded or even fired for posting inappropriate things on social media, drunk or sober. It’s called being held accountable. It won’t ruin her life – she’s getting an early life lesson and will move on from this experience.

    Also, blanket statements about “the media” from commenters are ridiculous. Public shaming has been around for centuries. We should be having a discussion about the implications of one student shaming another online, regardless of the reason. Bravo to the Lantern for advancing the discussion.

    • Wrong. Just another example of the double standard in the liberal media. If this was a black person saying this about a white person, it wouldn’t get a second thought.

      First Amendment rights are being severely eroded by the PC culture. And don’t give me the hogwash about being held “accountable.” Funny how that only applies to people who have controversial views on liberal ideas. Left-wing nutjobs who call for the murder of cops, or politicians, or the President never face any recourse from the media.

      • You people do nothing but lie. For example, Kathy Griffen was fired from everything for posting a satirical picture of Trump’s head, but you liars like to pretend that didn’t happen.

        Free speech also means that people and media are allowed to discuss and post about this. Funny how you think free speech should just apply to those who want to profess hate.

  6. Lots of people get reprimanded or even fired for posting inappropriate things on social media, drunk or sober. It’s called being held accountable. It won’t ruin her life – she’s getting an early life lesson and will move on from this experience.

    Also, blanket statements about “the media” from commenters are ridiculous. Public shaming has been around for centuries. We should be having a discussion about the implications of one student shaming another online, regardless of the reason. Bravo to the Lantern for advancing the discussion.

  7. I tweeted on a bathroom stall door in the basement of the main library back in 1973. I wonder if it’s still there?

  8. I wanted to take a moment to address the recent posting in The Lantern.

    First and foremost racism is wrong. I in no way think that anyone is less of a person than anyone else because of their skin color, nationality, religion, sexual preference or otherwise and sincerely apologize for all the words in this twitter video.

    I have personally apologized to the young woman who posted this video and explained that my weird reference had nothing to do with her skin color. I was quite simply very hurt, and angry with an ex-boyfriend and jealous of her. Nothing more.

    Again, I say in the strongest possible terms that racism is despicable and I apologize for any hurt or pain this tweet caused this young woman or anyone else.

    I sincerely ask for forgiveness from this young women, the OSU student body, faculty and alumni family.

    • This was a life lesson for Katelyn. She doesn’t have a racist bone in her body. Her comments were stupid, and no one understands that more than her. Let’s not ruin this girl’s life for making a mistake. Life is too short.

    • Don’t apologize to these liberal scum. Just another example of the media’s race-baiting fetish. Universities are supposed to be a breeding ground for differing opinions….but not anymore. It’s an echo-chamber for liberal propaganda. Liberals are only for free speech if it’s something they want to hear. If not, they’ll shout you down, or spit on you, or try to tear down your livelihood. There’s definitely a lot of “hate” in this country, and most of it comes from the left. After all, everybody’s wrong except for them. Must be why they hold power in all 3 branches of government…oh wait.

      • Rooster what are you babbling about? This moron wasn’t coherently and soberly speaking on whatever political beliefs she may have, she was drunkenly harassing a girl and saying it was how weird it was her ex would even be interested in her because she was black. She’s a racist. I’m the farthest thing from a liberal, since when does being a conservative mean cosigning on racist behavior? You are the only person besides the ugly blonde who sounds racist.

      • She can use her free speech to profess hate, and the media can use their free speech to write about it. Don’t like it? Don’t read. People like you only support free speech for yourselves. You call liberals hateful, and then call liberals “scum”. Look in the mirror. You people are so hateful it is unbelievable.

      • 100% correct, Rooster. When you apologize to the SJW mob, they don’t forgive, they merely take your submission as an opportunity to flagellate you harder. “You didn’t apologize soon enough,” or “convincingly enough,” or to all the folks you should have. You cannot win by trying to appease the jackbooted lunatics. They will move the goalposts continually so you are always an awful, racist, “Nazi”.

        Now this young lady will have to deal with harassment — to a far greater extent than one tossed off comment — for the rest of her time on campus. Great job Lantern, you’re really doing important work here with this exposé.

      • She’s the race baiter. How do you get bent out of shape because your EX is dancing with someone of a young black woman? Sounds to me like Katelyn’s drinking was a reason for the breakup.

        Live and learn, Kate. It’s called accountability.

    • Sure. Whatever you say Ms. Rust

    • Katelyn your obviously fake apology is not fooling anyone. You got drunk and your true racist feelings came out. Only thing you stated that IS true is that you were jealous of the girl. I saw what she looks like and what you look like and all I’m going to say is, I’m not surprised.

      You obviously thought it was “weird” your ex was with her because she was black, BECAUSE YOU STATED IT ON THE VIDEO. Drunk words are sober thoughts. You aren’t going to have your life “ruined” due to your disgusting beliefs, however you should be kicked out of your sorority ASAP. You’re an idiot and I hope you learn your lesson.

    • Katelyn- Apologizing is a good start, and I understand it is hurtful to see an ex with someone else. But please realize that racism hurts, tbh much worse than that. I think your best move is to try to get to know people of other races and see them as human beings with feelings. I do realize that people can evolve and learn, but it does take time, and tbh this apology will be seen as empty because this just happened. As well, admitting that you realize that this was a racist thing to say would be a good first step. You didn’t invent racism, and we are all born into this world learning the hate and prejudices of those who are already here. All you can do is try to better yourself and try to increase love in this world, rather than hate.

    • In vino veritas.

      It’s clear you find interracial dating wrong and don’t consider black people human. Your disingenuous ‘apology’ falls flat.

    • You have a lot of nerve to talk about someone being weird while looking so horrible in that halter. I guess I’d be really salty too if I had a small saggy chest at 19. That top deserved better.

    • I’m sorry this was published by the media. A spat between a couple got turned into a recital episode do to irresponsible reporting. This never should have gone this far. I hope hope they have not ruined your life over this.

  9. Again, give the girl a break. My gosh.maybe, rebecca, you’ll get your wish. Will that make you feel better? Lets lynch het. Ya think?

  10. Candice Warrington

    I’m sure it’s not weird when she and her friends sleep with black men…

  11. She’s an adult and should be held responsible for her actions. She should get kicked out of her sorority immediately and reprimanded in some capacity by Ohio State. She’s a considerable liability and only makes an organization like PHA look horrible. Every single member of greek life represents their respective sorority or frat at all times and if she can’t conduct herself like a sane young woman she shouldn’t be involved at all.

    Also Katelyn sweetie, your bunny boiler behavior is almost as concerning to me than your racism. Drunkenly berating your ex in front of the girl he’s “hooking up with” shows how stalkerish and mentally unstable you are. You were so inebriated you didn’t even recognize you were being filmed. I see more problems for you in the future if you don’t get a handle on your drinking. Conduct yourself with class and dignity, try to refrain from showcasing the ugliness inside you (the racism, jealous nature, inability to control your emotions, etc) and you will be fine.

  12. Shocking! This woman said those things because she’s been surrounded by that type of speech and seen no backlash from it.

    Let’s hope this is the change she needs to see.

  13. Katelyn needs to face suspension from her sorority and have to do some sort of race-related community outreach. She made a racist statement on video and never would’ve apologized if it wasn’t shared. She’s old enough to learn actions have consequences.

  14. Lol her life is already ruined. If she ever graduates, every single potential employer will see this scandal. Google your name Katelyn and see how many articles are on your tirade. Welcome to the real world. You’re held accountable for your actions and you don’t get do overs. Yes free speech is our right as Americans, but guess what, it’s also a company’s right not to hire you if you’re a racist psychopath. No one should have sympathy for you. What you did wasn’t a mistake. You being a racist is a character flaw, it’s part of who you are.

    • Employers will google Ms. Mason too. No company will hire someone who posts a video online with the intent to humiliate someone and ruin their reputation just because that person made a dumb comment. This is called harassment. What if someone said something Ms. Mason didn’t like in the break room? Reputable sites have policies against harassment like this too.

      • So the victim of the racist comment won’t get hired?? Yeah she reposted a public video about her on her twitter and tag the girl who said it about her. Ever think it was not to humiliate her but to let her know she knows now. Every think Ms.Mason was shocked and hurt by some strange girl making comments about her race because some boy liked her? She did nothing wrong but post on her own twitter. It would not be news if the words of Ms. Rust where not what they were. Ms. mason never said anything inappropriate so let the google her. If anything a employee should want someone who will stand up to what is right

      • Posting a video on twitter that someone else made about you is not harassment. Using your example, if someone in the break room said something racist and potentially objectionable, she would be able to file a complaint with HR. While employees have the right to free speech, they do not have the right to create a hostile work environment. Such an action would possibly be met with disciplinary action to the offending employee. Most companies have policies in place regarding social media–and most employees sign their contracts without even glancing over them. Most of them prohibit discriminatory remarks, harrassment, threats of violence or similiar inappropriate or unlawful conduct. Reposting and bringing to light a fellow employee’s inflammatory comments is not a crime or considered harassment.

  15. How rude. Do people walk around commenting on her chest ? Her boobs look one argument away from sleeping in different rooms.

  16. “I didn’t even know she existed until today. I danced with her ex boyfriend and for what I understand that’s why she made that video”

    …I guess everything makes sense.

  17. Not only is Katelyn the blonde girl racist, but she is also freakishly obsessed with her ex boyfriend. If a man stalks and berates his ex girlfriend like how you did, that would be files as harassment. But for you its because you are hurt and drunk. Leave your ex boyfriend alone there is a reason why are still not together. And I hope you grow up racism is never acceptable, the university needs to discipline you strongly so that its good reputation and values are not dragged down by simple minded people like you.

  18. Why does it look like Ms. Rusts’ breasts are going through a divorce?
    Evel Knievel couldn’t jump that gap.
    Moses has parted the white breasts.

  19. I am a proud mother of a young lady that will graduate Ohio State this year. I have always said that the university maintains an inclusive community free of judgement and free of racism. But to see this article on Facebook this morning is nothing short of heartbreaking. Ohio State is better than this woman. If they stay silent however then it will be clear who they stand with. School officials must not allow this woman to tarnish their good reputation. Already the Facebook post has 1.2k comments and climbing. This woman must be reprimanded because those comments are horrid and backwards. No matter how inebriated she may have been. She is an ADULT. If you cannot handle the drinks than stay away from them. Ohio State, take heed and do not allow this to ruin your reputation.

  20. Being a beautiful and highly intelligent melanated indigenous woman I’ve had to deal with the jealousy of recessive-gened females from the Caucauses my whole life. I have to beat the Caucasian males off with a stick. They strare at me in public, both the males and the females.

  21. She should have never taken that video down.why? A drunk tongue speaks a sober mind. And I would feel uncomfortable if I, a black man, had kids with a white woman and her be my child’s teacher. Will she look at us and our child as “weird”? While me and my white wife go in to get a loan for a home from her think it is “weird” for us to get a home together and being married? Will she make the process harder for us? People are too pro first amendment, but don’t want to have the criticizing that follows. And this “young girl” is a grown woman, guys, PLEASE stop using the while “she is young and can make mistakes”, when we see young kids make mistakes as children (young teens) and go to jail, released and those mistakes follow them for their whole lives.

  22. These basic white girls are told all their lives they are the beauty standard so they end up becoming really delusional and think they’re more attractive than they are. Listen you racist lunatic, being blonde and pale doesn’t make you pretty. You’re a hard 4. The ironic thing about the whole situation is that the black girl you were insulting is way more beautiful than you are. Your tiny little brain was imploding on itself because there is just NO WAY a man can find a black woman attractive right? Especially when they dated you? Maybe in whatever podunk Ohio town you crawled out of you are considered a goddess, but you wouldn’t get a second glance in every major city in the world. I hope every single boyfriend you ever have is swiftly stolen away by the blackest woman possible.

    • Calm down Sheniqua. Girls like her will fund your future welfare payments.

      • Lol the only welfare payments she’ll be worried about is her own. No one wants to hire a racist, and definitely not someone who’s not even smart enough to hide their racism. Mr. Rust you should have done a better job raising your daughter and maybe she wouldn’t be in the mess she’s currently in. You can insult strangers online all day, she’s the one whose photo is on various media outlets and counting as I type this. Worry about that.

        • Mr. Rust? I don’t even know this girl. Just tired of all the SJW and their faux outrage. Slavery has been over for 150 years and blacks still blame their miserable lives on racism. Blacks today have more rights than anyone else. It’s easier to get into college with poor grades, have access to financial aid, have access to jobs they’re not qualified for through affirmative action, and job security through mandatory quotas. As long as you’re not a total screw up, you’ve got it made.

          So yeah, blame this girl all you want. It’s not going to change anything. Blacks will still be born out of wedlock, not encourage education, and then go on to live off the government for the rest of their lives. I’m sure publicly shaming this girl will fix all of that.

          • Hey there’s a website where you can talk till you’re blue in the face about your obsession with black people – stormfront. You’re welcome.

            You’re seething about people who aren’t even concerned with you. Stop using this comment section as a platform to vent, this isn’t your personal journal. You’re a white guy who failed at life and you’re mad about affirmative action. K we get it.

          • Hmm. I’m black…yet I have a master’s degree, no kids, a good job, and my parents have been married for 40 years–a cop and a teacher. I also know many, many other blacks just like me. Your logic seems to be a little flawed there, Rooster. It’s so strange…it’s almost like you’re a racist or something….

      • A grown adult who can’t control her alcohol consumption or emotions is expected to fund anything? Please. Stop being a keyboard gangster. It’s over, she got caught.

      • Girls like this Katelyn will be looking for NBA meal tickets…

    • For a white females who voted for Trump his statements about women are ok as long as he grabs only white women. Had he said that he grabbed even an Asian woman while on a trip to Asia, he would have lost the elections.

  23. A majority of white women voted for Trump and it was near 57% in Ohio. Over 80% of white American women will hold their noses tight and flee if a non-white asks them for a date. Hence this is not surprising. Don’t believe me. Go to dating sites. If this had been an Asian instead of a black woman, it would have really driven home the racism of white women.

    • Man you are so misinformed. You need to travel out of the midwest which is what I did. Here in Singapore, many white American women complain all the time about the best white men being taken by the local Chinese women. But, you are right about one thing though..let a Chinese or Indian guy ask one of these white women for a date, they will run from them like scalded cats! Includes Chinese American from Ohio such as yours truly.

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