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Raise your schooners for the resurrection of Chumley’s

Get your schooners ready. Chumley’s will be back in action Thursday –– and just in time for the Buckeyes’ first game of the season. The beloved campus bar will be up and running at its new location at 4 p.m.

With more than 40 televisions, more food options and the same 50 beers on tap, the bar is ready for students. Co-owner Dan Schreiber said Mondays and Thursdays will still be Schooner Night — and never fear — once you buy the glass for $8, it’ll still be $2 to refill.

Chumley’s will reopen Thursday at 4 p.m. as the Buckeyes kick off their 2017 season | Credit: Ris Twigg | Assistant Photo Editor

However, with a new home base comes a slew of changes, and for Chumley’s, the bar’s only gotten bigger. Maintaining its two-level structure, Chumley’s will seat more customers than ever before.

Now filled with more six-top tables and two-person booths, the bar’s first floor has made room for big groups, something that Schreiber said was important when putting the place together.

The biggest change is on Chumley’s second floor. The new building is wrapped with glass walls that give a clear view of the first floor’s happenings, just like the old location. But the new second floor now sports a bar-top, providing customers with more seating.

With seven tables outside, the bar also will boast what Schreiber called the “longest patio” on High Street.

As far as food goes, Schreiber said the bar will stay true to its classic menu, including favorites like nachos, chicken tenders and wings. New to the menu will be a variety of wing sauces and poutine –– french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.

Though its previous location was a prime gameday spot, Schreiber said the new location allows Chumley’s to grow its appeal across the community.

“We’re excited because we’re closer to the Short North, so we’re hoping to get members of the community coming in,” he said. “We’re always going to be predominantly students and that’s kind of what makes it fun here, but we’re looking to attract some of the members of the community –– from the Victorian Village and the Italian Village.”

No matter where Chumley’s is located, co-owner Debra Bruce said the historic campus bar will definitely maintain its popular reputation.

“I think we changed campus a little bit when we went in down there. It wasn’t your standard bar that goes in on campus,” she said. “Then Ethyl and Tank came in and there were more [like us], so that’s what’s kind of happening, it’s changing. It’ll be great to still have our students.”

With the new location in the near The Gateway at 1516 N. High St., Schreiber said being in the newly developed area fits Chumley’s identity a little better than its previous central campus location. He said his excitement is shared in students’ feedback.

“We work very hard to provide a fun atmosphere, but what really makes it fun are the people in here,” Schreiber said. “It’s a lot more fun to go to a bar that’s full. People that come in provide the energy so we just kind of stand back and let that energy flow.”

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