A Columbus Division of Police Officer stands outside a crime scene at an apartment at 241 E. 12th Avenue. Police are investigated a potential drug-related shooting. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Oller Reporter

Columbus Division of Police are investigating a potential drug-related shooting Friday afternoon at an apartment on East 12th Avenue in between Summit and Fourth Streets. No Ohio State students were involved, police said.

Police responded to a call at about 1:30 p.m. reporting multiple shots fired at 241 E. 12th Avenue.

Columbus Police Sgt. Patrick Shaffer said he was told by the unit’s landlord that tenants were not Ohio State students. He said there are two suspects, who are not believed to be students.

Currently, there is no evidence that anyone was injured, Shaffer said.

Shaffer said witnesses told police they saw two armed men enter the apartment at 241 E. 12th with guns. They reported hearing multiple shots. A front window to the left of the door was shattered, with a mangled blind exposed.

The suspects left with two bags from the apartment, Shaffer said. It’s unclear what their contents were.

Witnesses told police that the apartment residents fled the scene shortly before officers arrived. Shaffer said no victims were found inside the apartment.

Shaffer said there was evidence found in the apartment that points to drug-related activity. Witnesses told police they don’t believe drugs are sold out of the apartment, but it is instead used as a stash house.

Police blocked off a stretch of four apartments from 235-241 E. 12th Ave with yellow caution tape. At 4:00 p.m., three marked police vehicles were still on scene along with detectives.