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Ohio State denies Richard Spencer’s request for campus space

Richard Spencer takes questions at CPAC from reporters before he was removed from the convention on Feb. 23, 2017 during the Conservative Political Action Conference at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Md. Credit: Courtesy of TNS

Add Ohio State to the growing list of schools denying prominent white-supremacist Richard Spencer space to speak on its campus.

Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank, and co-editor of AltRight.com, was denied a request for space on campus for Oct. 12 or 24.

“The request was denied after the university determined that it is not possible to accommodate this request without substantial risk to public safety,” Ben Johnson, an Ohio State spokesman, said in a statement to The Lantern.

In a message sent Friday to notify Spencer of the denied request, Ohio State said, “After thoroughly assessing space options and resources and after consulting with law enforcement officials, the university determined that it is not possible to accommodate this request without substantial risk to public safety.

“Because of the substantial risk and our commitment to the safety of our campus community, the university is denying this request to rent space.”

Spencer is known for his racist ideology, use of anti-Semitic language and belief that America belongs solely to white men.

He also helped organize the Charlottesville, Virginia, far-right “Unite the Right” rally, which resulted in the deaths of three individuals.

Spencer announced a national university speaking tour a day after the Charlottesville rally. The press release, titled “Today Charlottesville, Tomorrow Texas A&M,” referenced his upcoming visit to College Station, Texas, which was subsequently canceled by the university.

Ohio State is at least the sixth reported university to deny Spencer a request for space. Other universities include Michigan State, Penn State and the University of Florida.

As a result of Michigan State denying his appearance, Spencer’s event organizer is suing the university in federal court on grounds of First Amendment violations.


  1. Good. Keep the Nazis off our campus.

  2. You lost in 1865 and in 1945. Take your white supremacy somewhere else.

  3. Ohio State brought in a devout Communist to speak for MLK day last year. OSU students should be exposed to every ideology, every point of view, and every argument because that is how you learn, grow, and reinforce your own ideas. Hell, UCLA and Brown brought in George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1960’s (Head of the actual American Nazi Party).

    • We already know the trash he speaks. He’s had enough platforms. OSU doesn’t need to contribute to the crap. Although I would love to see him punched again in public.

  4. Flatly unconstitutional. A federal judge already ordered Auburn to let him speak (and protect him, and block Antifa from attending in masks) under the same factual circumstances. This is a PR move, not a winning legal strategy.

    • No one is denying his *right* to speak, he is being denied due to a very legitimate concern for public safety.

    • His followers have shown themselves to be violent. Put that on top of the narrow streets on campus. It would be a mad house. The cpd should arrest the lot of them is they unlawfully assemble.

      • False, it only takes a few minutes of watching videos to see how violent his opponents are in comparison. Its intellectual dishonesty when you see so much antiwhite rhetoric on campuses yet if a white interest group wants to speak peacefully then everyone chimps out. Illustrates the fragility of minority egos.

        • I took your advice and found a video of a Spencer supporter driving his car into 20 live bodies at Charlottesville. Not sure what you’re getting at.

        • Clash City Rocker

          “chimps out”? You’re talking like a white supremist bigot right there. There’s no room in a university for narrow-minded hate, and Spenser ignites violence by stirring it up and starting it. That’s what fascism is all about – blood, violence, hate, brutality. That’s it only “ideology”, if you can call it that. From Mussolini to Milosevic, from Spenser to Duke to Trump – fascists are just a bunch of punk-ass bully boys bent on NOTHING but death and destruction. Anything else may be good or bad or misguided, but fascism is violent in its core and in its nature – it is nothing but terror and intimidation and it doesn’t belong in college campus. It’s for thugs and brats ONLY.

  5. There is no room for bigotry in the Buckeye State. This turd needs flushed.

  6. Thank goodness! Way to go, OSU!!

  7. Hope you’re ready to get sued under a USC 42 -1983. Spencer has a Constitutional right to speak at this University. You can not deny his right by using the heckler’s veto.

  8. Yeah we only want Black Supremacists speaking at our progressive party school, death to white people. White interest groups = white supremacy. People should only think about poisonous nuts and beer pong when they think about OSU. Social Justice is the only thing we care about, white people are the devil. We wuz kangz.

    • I don’t remember ever being harassed for being white and basically every one of my friends is white. that sounds really strange that you think that. are you sure you didn’t just pick gender studies or something and thought the whole school was like that? like 0.0001% of people actually pick those majors. white interest group seems sketchy when pretty much everyone is white. Sam are you really part of a rural area cult or something? I know some of those groups leaders are purposely making people scared of school so they join their group and do stuff for them. be careful man. stay in school man.

    • Exactly. Ohio State will gladly host a Black supremacist as a speaker; in fact, they push that ideology onto people.

      Shameful. Ohio State has just become another hypocritical laughingstock.

  9. well, i appreciated some of the above comments…

    part of being alive is being exposed to viewpoints you don’t like.

    i heard bill clinton, al gore, and george w. speak at osu, bob dole at otterbein and even attended an ira meeting and a christian vs atheist debate hosted by osu.

    i really think that exposure to alternate viewpoints makes you a stronger person…or changes your mind.

    but if osu says they can’t have a speaker due to not being able to guarantee the safety of the people attending….either they are sincere or are copping out: i do not know.

    but nobody deserves to be hurt if they choose to attend a lecture or speech, no matter how vile the content.

  10. So you worship illegal aliens who sneak into our country to parasitize us.

    And you punish legal citizens of this country who have viewpoints you don’t approve of?

    Ohio State is despicable.

    Unconstitutional. I hope Spencer wins millions and teaches you a much-needed lesson.

  11. So much for freedom of speech. Say all you want about Richard Spencer but he has the right to be heard on campus and as a student I am frustrated by the infringement on the rights to freedom of speech and expression.

  12. I was disappointed to return to school and find that corporate America is more of a repository for analytical, open minded, objective thinking than academia. The best protest would be to allow him to speak and have nobody show up. If he can’t speak, then representatives of other races should not be allowed to speak. It is discouraging to find that anybody would agree with this decision.

  13. Sue Richard Spenser. All he does is encourage and incite and promote hate and violence. He’s nothing but a bully brat who never mentally grew up. BTW, this summer on Lane Ave. I saw TWO Hammerskin bikers. Hammerskins are a racist fascist thug organization based in eastern Ohio. They are troublemakers and criminals. Hate groups and their activities are coming out from under their rocks, and Donald Trump supports them and is endorsed by them. Hate and violence have no place in a university, period.

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