The city of Columbus has partnered with Lyft and Anheuser-Busch to create a safe rides and law enforcement program dedicated to combating drinking and driving.

Zachary Kizer, a Lyft consumer communications specialist, said the objective of this program is to “raise awareness and change behavior around the issue of drunk driving in Columbus.”

“The target is the OSU games, fall weekends, and several other high-risk fall holidays, due to the statistical data – high numbers of OVI [Operating a Vehicle Impaired] crashes, and incidents related to the events themselves,” said Lt. Paul Weiner, a Columbus Division of Police spokesman.

Of all fatal crashes in Columbus, about 60 percent are due to drunk driving, Weiner said, adding that the statistic is “significant regarding both loss of life and the costs.”

Kizer said Anheuser-Busch, Columbus and Lyft will provide up to 2,000 Lyft rides each weekend from now through December 2017, to ensure that people in Columbus get to and from their destinations safely.

He said Anheuser-Busch will share a ride code on its Facebook and Instagram channels. The code is available for use by those older than 21 years old to claim a $30 Lyft Ride credit (two $15 one-way rides) to use that weekend.

“Everyone deserves a designated driver and by giving riders in Columbus access to free rides each week, we hope everyone will think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking, and look to Lyft as a safe way to get home from a night out,” he said.

Correction, 10/13: This article has been corrected to include Lt. Paul Weiner’s comments. It previously stated Sgt. Rich Weiner spoke on the Lyft partnership.