Donato’s Pizza will give out up to 50 pizzas per semester for use at university-sanctioned events. Credit: courtesy of Donatos

Ohio State student organizations and resident advisers can now apply to receive free pizzas for events due to a collaborative effort between Donatos and the Office of Student Life.

The partnership began last year when Donatos provided free pizza for university-sanctioned events such as convocation and BuckeyeThon.

As part of the grant, student organizations can apply to get up to five pizzas for an event or meeting each semester. Donatos is calling it “the pizza bank.”

“We’ve worked through the years to formalize relationships with the Student Life department,” said Donatos spokesman Tom Santor. “The student grant was kind of a cooperative idea that we came up with.”

The grant does not provide an unlimited amount of pizzas. Fifty pizzas will be provided each semester. Once maximum amount is reached, no more pizzas will be given away until the following semester.

“To have Donatos on board supporting those students and student organizations is very gratifying,” said Dave Isaacs, a spokesman for the Office of Student Life.

Registered student groups can apply to get the free pizzas from Donatos and there is no selection criteria for those receiving the free pizza.

Groups wishing to apply need to submit a detailed proposal describing how the pizzas will benefit the group or event.

Those who are selected to receive the free pizza from Donatos must agree to send Donatos a handwritten note, tag Donatos in a social media post and display a sign at the event recognizing Donatos’ contribution.

Student organizations and resident advisers interested in receiving pizza for fall semester events can do so by filling out the online request form available on the Office of Student Life website by Oct. 20.