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Ohio State student creates art to raise funds for Puerto Rico aid

For Kimothy Wu’s fundraiser, anyone can donate a minimum of $15 and request a piece of art she creates. She releases roughly 1-2 pieces of art a day. Credit: Courtesy of Kimothy Wu

An Ohio State student is creating art to aid hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, and has raised more than $1,000 in the process.

Kimothy Wu, a fourth-year in strategic communication, created a fundraiser called “Art for Puerto Rico,” and all proceeds will support those impacted by recent hurricanes.

She creates a custom piece of art for each person that donates a minimum of $15 and releases roughly 1-2 pieces of art a day, and said enough people have donated to keep her busy on pieces even after the fundraiser ends Oct. 31.

“I want to take my time and I want my artwork to be good for others,” Wu said. “I feel there is a notable difference when I am doing it for other people.”

Puerto Rico has been in a state of turmoil since it was hit by Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm, on Sept. 20, just after Hurricane Irma also left a path of destruction.

At least 34 people have died because of the hurricane, and more than two weeks later, many parts of the island are still without power, and food and fuel is limited.

When Wu created Art for Puerto Rico, she originally wanted to raise money for those affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the United States.

“After reading diverse personal accounts about the aftermath of the hurricanes, I felt there was much more support for hurricane victims in [Texas and Florida] than for those affected in Puerto Rico,” Wu said. “I wanted to help others and this is the best way I knew how.”

Wu said she was surprised by how successful the fundraiser has already been. Art for Puerto Rico began with a goal of raising $500, but reached $300 by the end of the first day. She said people often have a very pessimistic outlook on the world, and while there is a lot of selfishness out there, there is a lot of selflessness, as well.

Wu is now over halfway to reaching her new goal of $2000.

The money raised from Art for Puerto Rico will go directly to a nonprofit organization called Friends of Puerto Rico. According to its website, the nonprofit “invests in communities to foster economic sustainability and promote self sufficiency through art, cultural and educational exchanges.”

Wu said any help given to those in need provides strength they need to keep fighting.

“It’s extremely motivating to see people of all different backgrounds come together for one cause,” Wu said. “We’re all human, why wouldn’t we want to help each other?”


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