Psychic medium Rebekah Ives will be a part of a new supernatural tradition when she brings her talents to Wine on High in the Short North this Thursday.

People who bought tickets for the first Wine & Psychic Reading Night will get 15 minutes with Ives. She will use palm and tarot card readings along with mathematical techniques to shed insight on her customer’s lives.

After the premiere sold out faster than expected,  Wine on High decided to make Wine & Psychic Reading Night a monthly event.

Abby Greene, public relations manager for Wine on High, said she didn’t know this event would get such an enthusiastic response from customers.

A view inside Wine on High, a locally owned and operated retail wine shop and bar in Columbus’ Short North. Credit: Courtesy of Wine on High

“We had no idea how excited people would be but we are thrilled to have the event,” Greene said. “Rebekah approached some people working at Wine on High and was looking for someone to partner with. We were glad to do it and it has gone really well.”

Whether customers are there for a fun time or to try and gain insight about their futures, Ives will tell them what she’s picking up from the “metaphysical realm.”

Ives said she was born with psychic abilities, describing herself as “very sensitive, empathic and intuitive,” and said she believes we all have these abilities, to an extent.  

“Everybody has gut intuitions, we all have feelings about people and just know certain things,” Ives said. “I have premonitions.”

Ives said she’s able to use these abilities to read into the pasts, presents and futures of others.

“Sometimes a spirit will give me sign or a symbol like a puzzle for me to solve,” she said. “Who is the message for?’ ‘What message do they want to give?’ And I can deliver the message to who it’s meant for. The main reason I do it is to help people, but I don’t mind doing it just for entertainment as well.”

To make sure everyone who has purchased a ticket gets a reading, Ives’ daughter, Mindy Clark, who is also a psychic medium, will be assisting with the event and giving readings of her own.

Readings will begin at 6 p.m. and happy hour will be extended for the duration of the event, which includes $5 glasses of wine and $3 beers on draft.  The event concludes at 9 p.m.

Tickets for Wine on High’s various monthly events can be purchased on EventBrite. Ives charges $20 for the 15 minutes with her and the order of her readings will be on a first-come first-serve basis at the door for those who have reserved a spot.