An Ohio polling location located in the Ohio Union. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo Editor

State Issue 1 Passes

Issue 1, known as Marsy’s Law, was approved by voters with 83 percent approval statewide. Locally, 81 percent of Franklin County voters voted yes.

Crime victims will now have rights in the state constitution that allow them to be notified of hearings and cases. The passing also gives crime victims various privacy protections. Victims can intervene in cases to try and protect what they see as their interests.


State Issue 2 Fails

One of the most expensive campaigns ever for a state issue came to a close with Issue 2 being heavily defeated, with 79 percent of voters statewide voting against the issue. Locally, 76 percent of Franklin County voters voted “no” on Issue 2.

The issue would have enacted the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act. It sought to require state agencies to pay the same price for prescription drugs as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which receives about 24 percent off the price of medication.


Andrea Peeples retains seat on municipal court

Peeples won her third election with 65 percent of the vote, defeating George Leach (32 percent) and Eddie Pfau (4 percent). She was first elected in 2005.


Cindi Morehart wins re-election

Morehart, elected in 2015, held onto her seat on the Franklin County Municipal Court defeating Sena McCarthy with 59 percent of the vote.


Jarrod Skinner takes spot on the bench

Skinner, running in his first election, defeated fellow first-time candidate Glenn Willer with 60 percent of the vote to secure a spot on the Franklin County Municipal court.


Tax Levy Passes

The tax levy for the Franklin County Board of Developmental disabilities passed with 81 percent of voters approving.

The levy allows for a renewal of funding for the board of disabilities.


Columbus City Council remains Left

Mitchell Brown, Shannon Hardin and Priscilla Tyson each won re-election, keeping City Council completely Democratic.