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Ohio State Board of Trustees overview major construction projects

The Master Planning and Facilities Committee of Board of Trustees met Wednesday to discuss the status of various construction projects on campus including updates to The Oval’s infrastructure, the redevelopment of Oxley and Pomerene halls and future renovation of Koffolt and Fontana labs.

Currently, there are 253 active construction projects ongoing at Ohio State, according to Board documents.


Repairs to The Oval

Pending Board approval Friday, Ohio State Energy Partners will begin tunnel and utility system repairs on The Oval in Fiscal Year 2018. Any obtrusive work on the space will take place in the summer, as not to disrupt the majority of students during Spring Semester.

The total cost of repairs is $14.6 million and Energy Partners will fund $10.8 million of the total cost. Additionally, Energy Partners will conduct electrical systems upgrades to various university buildings for $945,000.


Pomerene and Oxley halls renovation

New features to Pomerene Hall will include ideation zones and labs, a 10-foot bar top and large space to be used for gatherings and work shops. | Credit: Ohio State

The committee was updated on the renovation status of Pomerene and Oxley halls, a $59.9 million project slated to finish March 2018. Pomerene Hall, which will become home to the Translational Data Analytics Institute, is 65 percent complete.

The linguistics department will occupy Oxley Hall by the end of Autumn Semester.


Advanced Materials Corridor – Koffolt Lab and Fontana Lab

Koffolt and Fontana labs will undergo renovation to create updated research labs, office space and classrooms. Courtesy of Ohio State.

Starting in April, Koffolt and Fontana labs will undergo renovation to create updated research labs, office space and classrooms. The construction is projected to cost $59.1 million and will run through December 2019, according to Board documents.

“We’ll completely renovate Koffolt and Fontana and add approximately 25,000 square feet of new addition,” said Keith Myers, Ohio State’s vice president of planning and real estate.

He said developers wanted to create a stronger connection to the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry plaza to the west of Koffolt and Fontana labs.


Postle Hall

In April, Postle Hall will undergo construction to replace the southern part of its east wing, and upgrade west wing portions, totaling $95 million.


Total expenditures Fiscal Year 2017

The committee also reviewed university expenditures for Fiscal Year 2017.

During that time, Ohio State spent $51 million on student life, $77.6 million on academics and academic support, $58.9 million on medical and health sciences,  $17.7 million on infrastructure and $9.6 million on athletics, according to Board documents.  

The Board also voted to approve entering into construction contracts for the Health Sciences Faculty Office and Optometry Clinic Building, located at the corner of West 11th and Neil avenues. The construction of the office space will in turn demolish Adriatico’s, University Flower Shop and a Huntington Bank. The businesses plan on relocation to another on-campus area, but exact details are still up in the air.

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