After a series of reported technology robberies, University Police notified students of the crime spree and urged them to be protective of their belongings.

Beginning Oct. 21, suspects began stealing a host of devices, including computers and gaming systems from on-campus residence halls.

The theft continued through Tuesday — seven reports were filed between the two dates — with nine total related reports. The suspects entered unlocked dorm rooms, according to police.

The buildings affected include: Lincoln and Morrill towers, and Canfield and Park-Stradley halls.

According to the Department of Public Safety’s 2017 security report, total instances of reported campus burglaries reached 19 in 2016, 14 in 2015, and four in in 2014. However, only six of the 2016 burglaries took place in residence facilities.

While University Police confirmed that an investigation is still ongoing, the thefts were defined as a “crime trend” with multiple events.

In a university-wide email addressing the crimes, police asked students to be aware of their surroundings and to be “assertive.” Details surrounding the identity of the suspects have not been released.

“Please do not leave valuables unattended and remember to lock your doors and windows,” said Dan Hedman, spokesman for Ohio State’s Office of Administration and Planning. “Do not let unknown persons into residence halls and report suspicious behavior or missing property to police.”

Further, if any information is available that can aid in the solving of these crimes, those with tips are encouraged to contact University Police (614-292-2121) or Columbus Police (614-645-4545).

Anonymous information can be given to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers (614-461-TIPS).