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Franklinton art community celebrates Festivus


400 West Rich kicks off the airing of grievances with a weekend-long art event this Friday.

The East Franklinton studio space brings its monthly Franklinton Fridays event to life with the celebration of Festivus for the rest of us –– along with local artists, live music, local vendors and more.

“Festivus is a collection of artists of all different mediums,” said Austin Welsh, vendor coordinator for the event. “We will have artisan vendors and their handmade products and musicians and local food trucks.”

Vendors are chosen through an application process. There are popular vendors that have been participating in this event for many years, such as Candle with a Cause and Quirky Clean, as well as long-term tenants at 400 West Rich. Local food vendors will include Mayhem Foods and Simple Time Mixers.

Festivus is a fictional holiday that characters on “Seinfeld” celebrated. In the sitcom, the holiday was created as a rejection of Christmas’ increasing commercialization. Instead of a Christmas tree, the main decoration was an aluminum pole.

And instead of expressing gratitude at Festivus dinner, characters “aired their grievances” with one another, focusing on the ways in which they’ve let each other down throughout the past year

Chuck Willis, art events coordinator at 400 West Rich, said he believes the eclectic nature of the show sets Festivus apart from other holiday art or handmade goods shows in the city.

“I’m most excited for the atmosphere and the array of vendors we have this year,” he said. “It’s a fun event with music, decorations and everyone’s in a good mood. It’s a really stimulating and upbeat evening we have planned.”

Participating artists will also present the C-Note Gallery, a show in which all items will be priced at less than $100.

Converted into a multi-functional arts space and artistic community in 2011, the former industrial warehouse is home to the annual celebration of community, art and artisan goods. Today, 400 West Rich houses more than 140 local artists, craftsmen, designers and performers, according to the 400 West Rich website.

Festivus will take place from Friday to Sunday at 400 West Rich in Franklinton.

Admission and parking are free — but a donation may be made in your name to the Human Fund.

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