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Letter to the editor: Ohio State needs a Denzel Ward rule

Former Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward (12) on the sidelines during the Buckeyes’ Cotton Bowl victory against USC on Dec. 29, 2017. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo Editor

Ohio State needs a Denzel Ward Rule. While the NCAA already has a Jan. 15 deadline for players to declare whether they are entering the NFL draft, Ohio State needs another deadline covering postseason play. A player should have only two choices: announce after bowl game participation or announce weeks before, foregoing travel and the game altogether. Any player violating the Ward Rule must reimburse the school for trip expenses and return bowl gifts. No more 11th-hour decisions — a la Denzel Ward — with all the benefits and none of the responsibilities. It’s the absolute least consideration players owe their coaches, their teammates, and their fans — let alone the school that gave them scholarships and showcased their professional potential.

Fred Strine

Ohio State alumnus, Class of 1971 


  1. Ted Ryan alumnus, Class of 1977

    Well stated, Fred. In fact, what was he doing on the sidelines during the game?
    Ward should have been asked to leave premises, unless he bought a ticket!

  2. Totally AGREE with This Proposal. Very Lame, Inconsiderate and absolute Disregard for Team and Coaches. no I in Team. no longer of Ward and hope This Is Not a Trend Going Forward. selfish plain and simple

  3. As a player, you are either on the team, or you are not. Once you make the decision that you are no longer part of the team, you should be banned from the sideline.

  4. I totally agree with Fred. I almost threw up when I saw him on the sideline fresh as a lettuce, like nothing happened. Screw him! He should have never been allowed being dressed up with the OSU jersey, he no longer was part of the team and coaches should have made him feel that way. Disgusting!!!

  5. Absolutely not, he is a part of the team so he is allowed on the sidelines. He is also in line to make millions of dollars, and he made the best decision for his future. Fans are very selfish and dont think about the players who actually play the game and entertain us.

  6. He was a crucial part of the team but I don’t feel for him anymore … I guess thats the way it is unfortunately. word search pro

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