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Musician’s Collective stands in solidarity with singles in Anti Valentine’s Day event

The Busy Nothings perform at Kafe Kerouac during the Musician’s Collective and Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association event for Halloween in 2016. Credit: Courtesy of Musician’s Collective

For those who plan to binge-watch Netflix and eat discounted chocolate this Valentine’s Day weekend, the Musician’s Collective at Ohio State is offering an alternative at Kafe Kerouac on Friday.

Musicians’ Collective president Sonny Davis, a third-year in arts management, said the idea originated when she remembered it was something she had seen completed before at Ohio State.

“Last semester we had nothing planned for (this time), so we sat down and brainstormed what kind of show we wanted to have,” Davis said. “I remembered there was one of these Anti-Valentine shows at some point in my college career so we decided to bring it back and do it again.”

Despite the event’s name, the night will be more centered on loud music and fun than on bashing the love culture that surrounds the holiday. Anson Bryant, a second-year in city and regional planning and the group’s vice president, said  the performing bands won’t necessarily sound stereotypically emo or sing anti-love songs, either.

“We left it open-ended in terms of artists, [because that’s] a big thing about our club in general,” Bryant said. “We don’t like to profile artists by telling them what songs or genre to play. We want artists to do what they’re good at by exemplifying their own skills and artistic values.”

The show features six acts — Sleezy Dre, Habiteur, Overhang, Attic Toads, and Lights Go Out — all of which feature at least one Musicians’ Collective member or Ohio State student. Bryant said this was a deliberate choice when crafting the lineup.

“[Student musicians] come to college to express themselves, but don’t have time to go find shows to play,” Bryant said. “We give them the tools to perform that they might not have if they tried to go solo.”

Bryant plays guitar for Overhang and said he is excited to play some original songs.

“We’re a rock duo and a lot of people get skeptical, but we play straight up emo rock, so we are going to be suited for the night,” Bryant said. “Even though we’re only two people we’re definitely going to be one of the loudest bands there.”

While she won’t be performing, Davis said she’s excited for the noise and energy of the night.

“The best part is being in a tight group at Kafe Kerouac and getting rowdy with people to good music,” Davis said. “It goes back to the whole community goal of Musicians’ Collective. [We are] trying to create a music community for Ohio State students who can’t find it being stuck on campus all the time. Because stuff like this, being able to come relax, be yourself, and enjoy loud music, doesn’t happen so much on campus.”

The event will take place at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Kafe Kerouac, 2250 N. High St. Admission is free, but a $5 donation is suggested.

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