Katalina’s, a popular brunch spot on Pennsylvania Avenue famous for its pancake balls, announced earlier this week that there will be a second location opening on High Street in Clintonville called Katalina’s, too.

Kathleen Day, owner of Katalina’s, has been toying with the idea of a second location for a few years. She just hadn’t found the perfect location — until now.

“I wanted to make sure this one had the same feel [as the original location],” Day said.

The new restaurant will be taking over a space that was previously occupied by a fountain pen store. While a pen store isn’t as unconventional as an old gas station — where Katalina’s first location is housed — the new building “still has its quirks,” Day said.

Day plans to design the larger interior of the restaurant to mesh with the atmosphere of the new building.

“[The interior] will match the integrity of the building which is kind of a 1970s feel,” Day said. “It still will have that Katalina’s look and feel. I’ll still have the graffiti walls and the flea market finds.”

The new location has a tentative target goal of opening by late 2018. Katalina’s, too will be located at 3481 N. High St.

Although it’s important that the eclectic vibe of the original location carries over into the second, Day said there will be some minor changes to the menu.

“The majority of the items [on the menu] will be the same, but there will be a few key items that might change,” Day said. “But obviously, not the pancake balls.”