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Ohio State investigating allegations of sexual misconduct by former wrestling team doctor

Richard Strauss, a former wrestling team physician and an assistant professor of medicine, is being investigated by Ohio State on allegations of sexual misconduct. Credit: 1984 Lantern file photo

Ohio State is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct regarding a former wrestling team physician and an assistant professor of medicine, the university announced in a press release Thursday.

Richard Strauss is facing allegations that extend from the mid-1970s through the late ‘90s. The allegations involve his behavior with athletes and “other acts of sexual misconduct,” the university said in a press release.

The number of allegations has not been made public, but university spokesman Chris Davey said in an email they are from “one individual who alleges that the misconduct affected more than one person.”

In addition to his role at Ohio State, Strauss previously served as team physician for the U.S. wrestling team, according to an obituary. Strauss died in 2005.

The early portions of the investigation include contacting former athletes, coaches and any other people who could have been impacted or are aware of the alleged misconduct.

Law enforcement has been made aware of the inquiry, and Attorney General Mike DeWine has pledged assistance from the state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation “should it be needed.”

DeWine also appointed an outside law firm, Bricker & Eckler LLP, to conduct “a comprehensive investigation of each and every allegation.”

There are few specifics known about Strauss’ tenure at Ohio State, the university said.

“Dr. Strauss’ exact dates of service in his role as an athletic trainer are not precisely known at this time,” the release said. “The best available information is that he served in this role between the mid-1970s and the late 1990s. Making this determination precisely will be a part of the investigation.”  

In its release, the university initially identified Strauss as a former trainer for the wrestling team, but a newspaper article from Oct. 21, 1982, identified Strauss as the team’s physician and assistant professor of medicine and preventive medicine.

A brief online search of journal databases indicates Strauss published research articles with university affiliation from at least Feb. 5, 1973, to June 1, 1989. His research focused on wrestling and youth athletics.

For example, he co-authored a study in 1985 titled, “Anabolic Steroid Use and Perceived Effects in Ten Weight-Trained Women Athletes.”

The investigation comes months after Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics team doctor and a physician at Michigan State, was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison on charges of sexual assault and misconduct. More than 200 women have accused him of sexual misconduct.

Strauss also was a member of the medical commission of the International Olympic Committee. In 1984, he attended the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles to drug test athletes, according to an archived Lantern article.

The Lantern requested comment from the U.S. Wrestling team and the IOC about the investigation.

Update, April 5 2:56 p.m.: This article has been updated with additional information about Strauss’ career. 


  1. When it rains , it pours. I will be reaching out to the BCI and the attorney general next week with allegations that the former OSU police Chief and the chief counsel for the athletic department conspired to obstruct justice by destroying evidence of a felony by one or more osu athletic department employees

  2. A Very Concerned Alumnus and Ohio State Supporter

    ……the perfect time to please finally open up the long term disgrace of similar misconduct in the College of Dentistry..it’s time to expose those guilty and those that have been “willfully blind”and perpetuate a coverup.. Dentistry and Ohio State are better than this, and it’s time to cleanse the issue.

  3. J School, Class of 1980

    Dr. Strauss cannot be “facing” these allegations. He is deceased.

  4. Not a jock, but a manager back in the day (late 80’s), and even I heard about the guy.

  5. Strauss was the OSU soccer team doctor in 1984. I was on the team. He violated me and everyone else. Everyone knew it. Strauss was doing this for a long time.

  6. Not excusing any of his actions, but the purpose of spending the time and money to bring this to light 13 years after his passing. I don’t see it.

    • Bruce S. Conklin

      Mueller and Rosenstein need to use this story to discredit Cong. Jordan; standard Fascist secret police tactics…. Mueller and his gang are seeking to overthrow the Constitution and the elected government, and their own ( worthless ) lives are on the line.

      • Bruce S. Conklin

        When was this person Strauss born? Who was he in life?

      • Timothy Earhart

        OK. I realize you are in a red state, but listen to the ideologue nonsense you just finished your comment with- about Rosenstein and Mueller, and trying to circumvent the Constitution. And then that other one about Hillary. Please wake up and see-with-your-eyes, and hear-with-your-ears (as Jesus said), and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. My credentials: I grew up in Columbus, all around the OSU campus. I could hear the cheer of the football crowd as a touchdown was made. This happening is what academia fosters because of our roots in ancient Greece. And you know- carpe diem, and all that. So pay attention to the ignorance of #45 president, and all the harm he does for his ego. Pleassss! let us be truthful. Are you so Evangelical (who traded the Gospel for a womanizer and liar). I attended the Indianola Church of Christ, and North High, and Indianola Jr High, So I know the OSU. I also graduated from Hope International University in Fullerton California. I have seen the church decline over the last 5 decades- and now the Mid-Western “Christians” support a plutocrat, an oligarch, a dictator, who thinks he is a king or something. In any case, decide that there is truth and embrace it, for the good of our fast deteriorating badly enculturated country. Learn to exegete the Book correctly, and know that your choice of D. T. is the ruin of our country. It will take 100 years to undo all the bad he has created. Why don’t we separate your kids from you and put them in cages, and if you resist just a little bit we will throw you in jail, and lose track of where you children are!!!

  7. Did any of you report his actions to the head athletic trainer?

  8. Let’s see. All victims are 18 + years old. Fine physical specimens at the hieght of physical strength and powers. And they allowed a middle-aged man abuse them on multiple occasions. And Perkins Coie of Steel Dossier game is conducting investigation?

  9. I get it. This is a filthy witch hunt by Hillary’s DEM(agogue) lawyers against Jordan.

  10. Timothy Earhart

    I lost my message. In short- God help us if #45 is not impeached.

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