Ohio State Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Multimedia Editor

Ohio State suspended fraternities Alpha Epsilon Pi and the Sigma Beta chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu on Friday after they violated the university’s Code of Student Conduct once again.

The fraternities will not be able to petition the Office of Student Life to be reinstated until 2023, according to two statements given by Dave Isaacs,  spokesman for the Office of Student Life.

The fraternities were found to have violated the Alcohol, Hazing and Endangering Behavior and Failure to Comply with Earlier Sanctions sections of the Code of Student Conduct.

The suspensions come months after Ohio State ceased all activities for Interfraternity Council chapters back in November, with both Alpha Epsilon Pi and Sigma Alpha Mu being a part of the 11 chapters that were under further investigation.

According to the statement, Alpha Epsilon Pi “was the subject of five cases before Student Life Student Conduct in 2017-2018, four of which led to findings of violations,” which led the fraternity to being put on cease and desist since Nov. 8, 2017.

Although Alpha Epsilon Pi received probation and educational sanctions for the violations on Jan. 8, the statement said they were then put on interim suspension on Feb. 1 for “additional possible violations.”

In the case of Sigma Alpha Mu, the fraternity was the subject of two conduct cases in the 2017-18 academic year, with the fraternity previously being suspended for two years in 2013, according to the statement.

“Ohio State follows a progressive conduct model and takes into account previous violations when determining sanctions,” both statements said. “It is the intent of the university to uphold the Code of Student Conduct, to promote the education and development of students, and to provide a framework for future success of student organizations.”

As of today, both fraternities will be given five days to appeal their suspension.