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Reagan Tokes’ family reportedly files lawsuit

The family of Reagan Tokes, left, has reportedly filed a wrongful death suit against the state. Credit: Screengrab via Twitter

The family of Reagan Tokes has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the state of Ohio claiming that inadequate monitoring of her killer lead to her death, according to a report by the Toledo Blade.

Tokes was raped and murdered in February 2017 by Brian Lee Golsby who was on parole at the time and wearing an ankle GPS monitor.

The Blade reports the suit names the Department of Rehabilitation and the Adult Parole Authority as defendants as well as NISRE Inc., the company in charge of the residence Golsby was sent to after his release from prison.

Golsby had been released from prison after a six-year sentence for attempted rape and during trial, Golsby was shown to have broken the parameters of his parole multiple times in the days leading up to the murder of Tokes. Golsby received a life sentence without parole for his crimes.

The Lantern reached out to the Court of Claims, which said it had yet to receive the lawsuit. Calls to the Tokes’ attorney were not returned immediately and the family could not be reached at the time of publishing.


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