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Women’s Basketball: Jennifer Sullivan joins coaching staff

Former Missouri State assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Jennifer Sullivan is joining the Ohio State women’s basketball team as an assistant coach after spending five seasons with the Lady Bears, Ohio State announced Friday.

In her five seasons in Springfield, she helped lead the Lady Bears to 93 wins and four postseason appearances, making the NCAA Tournament in 2016.

“I am really excited to add Jennifer to our staff,” Ohio State head coach Kevin McGuff said in a press release. “Her basketball knowledge and her diverse background will be a great asset as we continue to build a championship program.”

From 2001-2005, Sullivan was a three-year starter at Memphis, recording 800 points, 310 rebounds and 99 steals during her career.

“I’d like to thank coach McGuff for giving me this opportunity and I am excited to join the Ohio State women’s basketball program,” Sullivan said in a press release. “His brand of basketball is fun and exciting and I can’t wait to add my skills to the staff and help continue the success the team has enjoyed in recent seasons.”

Prior to her coaching stint at Missouri State, Sullivan was the associate head coach and the recruiting coordinator at the University of Louisiana Lafayette from 2012-2013. Also, she spent three seasons as an assistant at Arkansas State.


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