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ComFest brings variety to Goodale Park

New Legga-C Snowband plays on the Bozo Stage on Sunday June 24, 2018 at Comfest in Goodale Park Columbus, OH. Credit: Ethan Clewell | Senior Lantern Reporter

This past weekend Goodale Park turned into a utopia full of music, art and beer.

The festival crossed almost every genre of music including several of Columbus’ own Booty and the Kid, Zootrippin and The Turbos.

Walking into the festival, I only knew a handful of the scheduled bands. However, this was only the setup for many pleasant surprises.

Of those surprises was the group, New Legga-C Showband. With clear jazz and soul influences, the entire set was a blast of excitement and pure joy.

Even in covers, such as “Uptown Funk,” by Bruno Mars, the band added its own flavor instrumentally, showing off its band, including its standout saxophone player.

The festival had a mix of different vendors for food in addition to some of the typical fair-style vendors.

I had stopped by the Paddy Wagon and ordered a grilled cheese with brisket. What I got was so much more, becoming a fork and knife ordeal by the end. The flavors really worked well together and brisket was fantastic.

With the amount of musical acts performing at multiple stages, there was a bit of sound interference between shows at times, something that detracted from the overall experience of each individual performance.

There were dozens of vendors selling anything from woodworks, tee-shirts and sculptures.

Overall I think I would go again next year. I am all for supporting our art community, and that’s what I think this festival is about.

ComFest did a great job bringing different aspects of Columbus’ art community, from it’s food to it’s music, to one central location during the weekend.


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