Credit: Jack Westerheide | Design Editor

Costs for incoming Ohio freshmen will lock in for four years for the second-straight year, with a 1.4 percent inflation-based increase if passed in a proposal to the Board of Trustees this week.

The locked-in costs are part of the Ohio State Tuition Guarantee, which covers in-state tuition, fees, housing and dining. The in-state tuition remains frozen at all campuses for continuing students who started prior to autumn 2017.

For the incoming freshmen, the in-state tuition and fees at the Columbus campus would total $10,726 per year, with the total rate at $23,160 when including the most common housing and dining plans.

Tuition remains at or below the median for Big Ten public institutions, while increasing financial aid, committing more than $100 million to support low- and moderate-income families since 2015, including the Buckeye Opportunity Program, President’s Affordability Grants and Land Grant Opportunity Scholarships.

Tuition proposals for 2018-19 will go before the Board of Trustees this week.