Australian DJ/singer GG Magree has never been one to contain her excitement.

No, instead she harnesses it to fuel her energetic, wild performances when she heads on tour. She has been requested to work alongside several prominent musicians like Zeds Dead, Ghastly and Yellowclaw, among others. She has been on tour for much of the summer, and on Aug. 24, she will take her talents to Columbus for the Breakaway Music Festival.

G.G. Magree will perform at the Breakaway Music Festival on Friday, Aug. 24, 2018. Credit: Courtesy of GG Magree

The Lantern was able to ask GG Magree several questions in an exchange over email about her career to this point and what she sees ahead in her future.

This is the first of the Breakaway Artist interview series where The Lantern will speak with artists performing at the Breakaway Festival from Friday, Aug. 24 through Sunday, Aug. 26.

Q: When did you start singing/getting into music/producing etc.

GG: I really got into Djing when I was in university, I threw raves and then I was like mm now I want to do the music. So I thought myself how to Dj and completely became obsessed with it. I actually kinda fell into singing. A homie of mine who goes by “Nghtmre” asked me if I could sing and I lied and said YES, I then went away and 2 weeks later wrote our song we have together called “Frontlines”.

Q: Have you performed in Columbus before?

GG: NOOOOOO!! Im so excited!

Q: What are you most excited for at Breakaway?

GG: I love playing at new cities! And the Line up is SO FIRE~!

Q: How would you describe your set and your style?

GG: I would say its party dubstep. Makes everyone feel super sexy

Q: Favorite song to perform?

GG: Ghost – My track with Jauz!  I love singing live and also It creates a nice lil moment with the crowd in between all the WUB WUBS

Q: Tell me a little bit about “Yeah Pussy”

GG: Its a creative label myself and my manager have been working on. At the moment we just are doing fashion pieces but there will be more! I Promise! KEEP WATCHING!

Q: What’s the electronic scene in Australia like?

GG: Its super similar to the states, However bass music is starting to really blow up there!  Perth has always been a massive fan but on my recent tour run in March it was cool to see other cities like Adelaide and Sydney absolutely loving it! Its also really dope that I get to play all around the world and then bring back all the new music ive fallen in love with back to my home country.

Q: Zeds Dead, Jauz, Ghastly and more; what was it like working with them creatively?

GG: SUPER INSPIRING! There Gods! Its just so dope to watch them create and chat ideas. ESP when they love my ideas 🙂

Q: Favorite artists?

GG: Skrillex, RL Grime, Halsey, Excision, ASAP JHEEZE there are just so many

Q: What does the future hold for you? What’s next?

GG: More music, More Yeah Pussy, More Touring and MORE Straight SEXINESS