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Rep. Jim Jordan accused by former wrestlers of knowing about Strauss’ alleged assaults

Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican congressman from Ohio’s fourth congressional district and former assistant coach for the Ohio State wrestling team, has been accused of knowing about the sexual assaults made by former team doctor Richard Strauss, according to a report.

Richard Strauss, a former wrestling team physician and an assistant professor of medicine, is being investigated by Ohio State on allegations of sexual misconduct. Credit: Lantern file photo

An assistant coach from 1986-1994, Jordan had told the Columbus Dispatch when the investigation began he did not know about the abuse, but three former wrestlers told NBC News that Strauss’ abuse was common knowledge and that Jordan was told about the incidents while he was on staff.

According to the NBC report, former Ohio State wrestler Mike DiSabato said he reached out to Jordan before going public with his allegations. DiSabato said Jordan did not want to be involved.

Dunyasha Yetts, an Ohio State wrestler from 1993-1994, told NBC he and his teammates talked multiple times to Jordan about Strauss’ behavior. However, Jordan told the Columbus Dispatch on May 3 that, “no one had reported any type of abuse to him.”

In a statement made to The Lantern, Ian Fury, Jordan’s spokesman, echoed that statement.

“Congressman Jordan never saw any abuse, never heard about any abuse, and never had any abuse reported to him during his time as a coach at Ohio State,” the statement read. “He has not been contacted by investigators about the matter but will assist them in any way they ask, because if what is alleged is true, the victims deserve a full investigation and justice.”

Ohio State announced April 5 that it would be investigating the allegations made against Strauss of “acts of sexual misconduct” as a team doctor.


  1. In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, Jordan claimed he didn’t know Trump to be a liar. That says a lot about Jordan’s character and integrity.

  2. Once again we are witnessing a potential cover up to be worse than the alleged crime. I applaud the university in retaining outside counsel to investigate this sordid report. Updates will be expected.

  3. This is BS

    Timing suspicious.

    Over 20 years ago

    Who’s paying these accuaers

    • Well, the Dr. Strauss story has been in the Columbus media for about two months. There are similarities to what happened to Michigan State with Dr. Nassar. OSU, to their credit, has hired an independent outside investigation to interview and get to the bottom of the issue.

    • Ahh the old the accusers are being paid bit! Classic! …..

    • Is that you, Jimmy? It’s past time for the truth to find you out.

  4. So at the time Jordan was an assistant coach on the Wrestling team. Let’s just say it was common knowledge that the creepy doctor spent a little too much time checking for hernias. It’s not quite the same thing as an 89 lb. female gymnast being assaulted by a man twice her size. If Jordan sees a situation that was already going on when he becomes part of the coaching staff that everyone including his superiors was fully aware of why would he think it would be a good idea to go tell them what they already knew??
    This is no coincidence that this is being leaked now. More fake news from CNN. I would bet the house that the FBI kick started this media circus because Jim and the rest of the oversite committee are ready to start making referrals for indictments on the entire upper levels of both the FBI and DOJ! No one is safe, they answer to no one. This all needs to stop NOW.

    • Right on! Why was it Jordan’s responsibility when Hellickson knew as much (if not more) than he did? EVERYONE in the athletic department knew about it back in the day and everyone laughed it off. It wasn’t right…but, honestly, in the grand scheme of things, who was irreparably harmed?

      • The young men were!!!!

        • Bruce S. Conklin

          The weak little young child men who were “violated” by hernia checks? Hernias are real. College men are not little-girl gymnasts.

      • Yea man! I mean like.. think about the holocaust. Hitler was running the country.. and came up with the whole jew killing thing.. and man everyone in the Nazi department was down for the holocaust so I mean… that guy who worked in the concentration camps that turned the gas chambers on and off… WHAT WAS HE SUPPOSED TO DO!? ………… . . . . .

        Get a grip.

      • I need to apologize here: back in the day (mid to late 80’s) all I (and a lot of guys I knew) ever heard was that Strauss liked to “linger” when having athletes “turn and cough.” I never heard about anything more than that. Apparently, there was more. I really am sorry for underestimating the effects of his actions.

        • Bruce S. Conklin

          Are you a real person, and why do you believe that you were “wrong’ then but “right” now? Isn’t this about the criminal careers and actions of Robert Mueller and his gang of scum?

    • I’m sorry are you calling this fake or not? Your comment begins with you justifying his actions as they have been reported.. then you pivot to calling it fake news. So which is it? Is sexual assault ok when it’s an old man grabbing 18-22 year old dudes and sticking his finger up their butts for his own pleasure? Or is this is a completely fake story? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind your future son getting fiddled with by a state paid employee for said state paid employee’s sexual arousal, and I’m sure you’d totally think it was fine for a coach to refuse to turn the guy into authorities after your son came forward to him. And surely you’d be totally good with that coach who betrayed your son’s trust, becoming a US Congressman. For your future son’s sake, I hope that never happens to him, but on the plus side, at least it won’t bother his dad.

    • Well not to worry. We will not tell them YOUR secrets.

  5. Republicans are Domestic Terrorists.

  6. Colin Gay, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  7. You mean that even Penn State had done something about their perverts, but us Ohio State girls have not? But that’s right, as long as there will be competition between our 2 schools about completely anti-intellectual things, why limit it to football? On the side, does this mean that all Ohio State wrestlers are poofters?

    • @Wilt why is it always the ones who yell the loudest about ‘poofers’ are in the closet themselves? Come out and you’ll lose the hate.
      Gay or not, Jim Jordan is wrong, Strauss was wrong and so are you.

      • Bruce S. Conklin

        We know nothing of the kind. Doctors who check for hernias are going to be mocked by college type males no matter how proper their conduct is; and Liberals and other Fascists are going to smear their enemies when they are caught committing crimes, as has happened with Mueller and Rosenstein.

        • Brucie doctors professional docs don’t do hernia checks while soaping your nuts in the shower.
          Mueller and Rosenstein have impeccable credentials. That means, unlike Jimmy ‘butter up’ Jordan and Trump, they don’t lie for sport. Mueller has taken down terrorists. I bet you liked him then. Or maybe you are a terrorist since you don’t know the difference between liberals and fascists. Use the google so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

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