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Concert Review: Miguel, Dvsn and Daya welcome Buckeyes back with a bang

DVSN performs on stage at the Welcome Back Concert on Aug. 30. Credit: Amal Saeed | Assistant Photo Editor

Everyone’s phones may have been out, but all eyes were on stage at the sold-out Welcome Back Concert at the Schottenstein Center on Thursday.

Those lucky enough to get floor access waited outside since 3:30 p.m., but from the moment Daya first strutted on stage, concert-goers knew the seemingly endless line had been worth it.

The pop singer warmed up the crowd, following a few tracks from local opener, DJ Leek. Purple and red lights bathed her in radiance. From “Sit Still, Look Pretty,” to her other chart-toppers “Hide Away” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” Daya’s energy and constant movement perfectly set the stage up for what would be a night on campus many won’t forget.

Daya performs one of her hit songs, “Sit Still, Look Pretty,” at the Welcome Back Concert on Aug. 30. Credit: Amal Saeed | Assistant Photo Editor

Up next was Dvsn. Smooth, rich numbers like ‘Mood’ and ‘Think About Me’ were bolstered by the incredible, silvery voices of the background singers. The harmonies of all four members blended together seamlessly. From the moment the lights first went out to indicate their upcoming appearance, the audience couldn’t stop cheering and moving to the beat. Flashing, champagne-colored lights also helped create the sultry tone of Dvsn’s set, which carried over into Miguel’s performance.

Miguel proved he’s the holy trinity of performing: singing, dancing, and interacting with the crowd. His set contained strong, sensual numbers where he popped, locked, and spun his body every which way, such as “How Many Drinks” and “Waves.” Neon outfits and spotlights reflected the singer’s kooky, carefree personality as well as his goal for the night: to give everyone a night they won’t forget.

Passion shone through every inch of him. Miguel made every note count. His choreography catered to both his flexibility and the beats of his songs. Despite the sweat glittering on his face, he often performed one song after another. He talked between numbers only to deliver messages of motivation. Miguel’s serious tone of voice captured everyone’s attention as he discussed following your passion, not lying to yourself, and loving what’s inside of you.

One of the highlights of the night occurred when he requested that the audience turn around as he performed a new song ‘Now,’ all to make sure everyone not only dance and have a good time, but to also appreciate and connect with the song for its lyrics and beat. His message of making sure the gentlemen in the crowd had consent before putting their hands on the ladies earned him one of his biggest cheers of the night.

He closed with his popular hit, “Skywalker,” forcing screams out of hoarse throats, the crowd refused to stop cheering on Miguel as he danced his way up the bright white staircase in a neon green suit. His feet moved fast enough to reflect the stage lights back out into the crowd.

His band, backup singers, and dancers aided his performance enormously. Their nimble fingers, powerful voices, and athletic bodies provided each song with another layer of excitement.

Miguel proved to the Schottenstein Center that you don’t need a new album to make loyal fans and eager newcomers cheer so loudly their voices are nothing but a distant memory. Students from all over campus came together to sing, sway, and enjoy a night that sets a positive tone for the rest of the school year. This tone contains the promise of even more nights where adrenaline rushes through the blood, anticipation crackles in the air and any student can enjoy themselves no matter where they are at OSU.

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