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Football: Police reports depict pattern of domestic cases against Zach Smith

OSU coaches Tony Alford (left) and Zach Smith stand together before the Buckeyes game against Rutgers on Oct. 1. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo Editor

According to police reports obtained by The Lantern, former Ohio State wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Zach Smith had a history of domestic incidents reported to the police department by his now ex-wife Courtney Smith.

Ohio State announced that it had fired Zach Smith on July 23 after allegations had surfaced of domestic violence involving Courtney Smith. Courtney Smith filed a domestic violence civil protection order on July 20.

In 2009, Zach Smith, an assistant coach at the University of Florida at the time, was arrested by the Gainesville Police Department after aggravated battery of a pregnant victim. The police report obtained by The Lantern states that Smith, “grabbed the victim by her t-shirt, picked her up and threw her into a bedroom wall.”

While addressing the situation at Big Ten Media Days, head coach Urban Meyer said he had been contacted about the situation in 2009.

A report made Wednesday from former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy detailed domestic violence allegations made against Zach Smith both in 2009 and 2015, suggesting that Meyer knew about the events that occured, something that he denied at Big Ten Media Days last week.

“I can’t say it didn’t happen because I wasn’t there,” Meyer said about the 2015 incident. “ I was never told about anything, never anything came to light, never had a conversation about it, so I know nothing about that.”

According to McMurphy’s report, Zach Smith, in the 2015 incident, “took (Courtney) and shoved me up against the wall, with his hands around my neck,” something she said happened very often.

Of the 19 reports obtained by The Lantern, seven were traffic stops, though one of the stops involved Courtney Smith being visibly upset about a domestic incident involving her ex-husband. Here are some of the incidents that other reports included.

October 21, 2015

Courtney Smith files a report on a “suspicious person” who circled her in a car, then followed her into a Kroger. In the report, Courtney Smith mentions “issues she is having with her soon to be ex husband.”

October 25, 2015

This report states that Zach Smith was refusing to bring his son back to Courtney when it was her time with him. In this report, Courtney Smith states that she “has threatening text messages saved on her phone from her husband.” The report states that this was while Courtney and Zach Smith were going through their divorce, and when police asked for her address to bring an officer to her house, Courtney Smith said she did not want officers responding to her house, and that she would come to the police station in the morning.

October 26, 2015

The day following Zach Smith’s inability to return his son to Courtney, according to the report, Courtney Smith requests to file a restraining order against Zach Smith.

Jan. 5, 2016

Courtney Smith is stopped for speeding. According to the police report, she said “she was having domestic issues with her ex” and that “the driver was crying and visibly upset.”

Dec. 17, 2017

Courtney Smith files a report that Zach Smith was seen by her neighbors at 1:30 in the morning looking into the windows of her vehicle and residence. Believing that he may have been impaired, Zach Smith, according to the police report, left in his truck, driving up on a curb and nearly striking a sign. Also, Courtney Smith reported that a Christmas wreath on her door was thrown to the ground.

March 2, 2018

Police report states that Zach Smith’s children were talking with Courtney Smith using FaceTime. The children were said to be “really upset and crying.” The report states that Zach Smith was yelling at the children in the background of the call, telling them to “hang up on mom” and grabbing the phone from the children’s hands. The report says that Zach Smith called Courtney Smith back telling her, “she would not talk to them again and hung up on her.” The police report states that Zachary Smith is bipolar and that he drinks, per Courtney Smith, who called in the request.  

July 11, 2018

Courtney Smith files a report that Zach Smith has been “relentlessly stalking” and “harassing” her. The report also states Zach Smith had taken his and Courtney Smith’s two children to Florida for vacation “without being honest to her as to where they were staying.” The police report states that Zach Smith was not contacted when Courtney Smith filed the police report due to the fear that he would delay the return of the children.

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  1. Football games always make the police tired.
    duck life

    • Courtney smith has admitted her family and Zach smiths family told her not to press charges, he was
      Making a lot of money, he was bearing her up ten years ago and she stayed, if Zach smith was a nobody with no money his
      Dingbat wife would of left a long time ago, shame n her too, she did nothing to remove herself, don’t feel sorry
      For her, now she will sue Ohio state, and tuition will go up for future students, this woman should be ashamed of
      Herself too

      • Couldn’t agree more. She notify people of her situation called the police. Don’t rely on some dumbass message that Shelley to hold Urban accountable for your dumb ass domestic situation

      • Ah, way to spin it and still blame the victim. Are you a psychologist? Do you know how abuse effects he average person?

        • This Rutgers’s fan believes that one must not be a psychologist nor genius to recognize an injustice pinned upon a scapegoat.

          Free Urban Meyer!

  2. “Suspicious person”?

    Crying to get out of a speeding ticket? (wouldn’t be the first time that happened)

    Who’s “bi-polar” here? Is that person diagnosed by a medical professional? or is this just run-of-the-mill slander?

    • rayy is absolutely correct. These police reports could easily be typical BS filed by a classic borderline woman. I see NOTHING in these reports that constitute grounds for dismissing Zach Smith or believing his ex-wife. Women are encouraged to say stuff like this ALL THE TIME by their divorce lawyers. I note the police simply take the ex-wife’s word about stalking and about being seen looking into windows. The police shouldn’t report hearsay. They should get it straight from the neighbor if they want to report as fact that Zach Smith was actually there as stated by the X. There is ZERO reason to take a party in a divorce seriously about such things without independent confirmation. Women, especially, are encouraged to exaggerate and fabricate. Some do not need to be encouraged.

  3. Im not saying Zach is a model citizen but there are two sides to every story. She called the police nine times…NINE and the only time he was actually charged was for dropping his 13 year old son off at her apartment. He didnt even get out of the car in the drop off. She took a photo of him in the truck and called the police.

    Restraining orders were NEVER granted and no further action was taken by the police in the calls. There is no evidence if he actually did this or not and it saddens me that Urban can be fired because a wide receiver coach dropped off his child at his ex wifes house, probably per the custody shared parenting court order.

    Even if he knew, why should Urban be terminated when even the police felt that the 2009 and 2015 charges should be dropped and not pursued?

  4. If Meyer knew of abuse then so did Gene Smith so he should be on leave or fired also.


    I think Mr Meyer is an abject escape goat.

    I am a Rutgers Scarlet Knight. I think this suspension is total BS. Even though I hate watching the Bucks beating the crap out of Rutgers every year, I respect the powerhouse that is OSU. When Rutgers stepped into this grid iron brotherhood, it came with an oath of loyalty and support. We need each other. You can’t blame everything on the coach. This is going way too far and is bad for the BIG10. Politics and the promotion of what is subjectively “correct” needs to keep it’s ugly head out of college sports. This is bad for business, I hate this.

  6. I hate to sound unsympathetic, but I’ve read through all of the police reports and this seems like a scorned woman getting revenge. My husband went through a similar situation. Whenever he seemed to pull farther away, she would go crazy. The first time she called the police was about six months after he filed for divorce. She had multiple affairs and he was done. He wasn’t staying at the house, but stopped by to get some of his belongings. We hadn’t been dating long, but my daughter and I were in the car with him and she was out front on the porch staring us down. As he left, he threw a snowball at her, which is something she did to him the previous time that they saw each other. As we drove off, she called 911 told them that she had been assaulted. The police surrounded my house. Nothing resulted from that. When he put a “For Sale by Owner” sign in the lawn, she went nuts again and this time physically hurt herself and called 911. He spent a night in jail before the charges were eventually dropped. Sometime after that, we enrolled his daughter in dance classes. It was a big accomplishment for her. At her recital, his ex-wife again went crazy. Her family was there and I believe that she felt inadequate as a mother, because she could never get her daughter to any activity on a consistent basis. She pulled her daughter from behind the stage right before the recital. I was walking down the aisle as they walked passed me. I think that the daughter had convinced her mother to take her back. When the ex-wife saw me, she stood right in front me. She wouldn’t move, so I squeezed my way past her, even though there wasn’t much room. After the dance recital, we were having a birthday party at our house for my stepson. The police show up in the middle of it and tell me that she filed a police report indicating that she’d been assaulted, that I had pushed her. Nothing came of it. After that, I convinced my husband that she had to stay on the street when she came to pick up the kids. I never went outside. I knew better. Some lie would have resulted in me going to jail. Her kids are young adults now, and she still have tantrums when they come to our house and with every milestone we take. By the way, do you know that Zach recently got remarried and just purchased a new house? That type of milestone, especially in a short time after the divorce, would have driven my husband’s ex-wife off the deep end.

  7. Having read the police reports and having heard from the relevant parties, I am sickened for the families involved and Buckeye’s fans that ESPN has mindlessly amplified Chrissy Smith’s histrionics to serve its agenda of being a standard bearer of political correctness. Judges hear unsubstantiated hysterics like this ALL THE TIME and routinely dismiss it as hogwash minus corroborating evidence. And, having been “abused” for the past 9 years, she should have a LOT of corroborating evidence in the form of red marks, bruises, and tape recordings galore. Women like her chase their men around recording with their iPhones. If she had the evidence, it would be cited in these reports or in court documents for restraining orders (never awarded). Women like Ms. Smith, often borderline psychotic patients, regularly paint themselves into corners by lying to others who increasingly expect them to take action. Incapable of taking responsibility for anything bad, they externalize ALL negative emotions and even the slightest of life’s disappointments. Now, Ms. Smith has ensnared thousands in her pathology, condemning many innocent people to fates similar to that of her children and ex-husband. It’s really too bad Urban lied to the press. Minus that, there is nothing at all here. Indeed, there are no grounds here to dismiss him. I’ll bet they had to buy him out.

    It should never be a crime to marry a vindictive, pathological liar. It’s time we stop playing along with the divisive, family-destroying dictates of third-wave feminism (not feminism as a whole) and the PC culture that serves it by burning people at the cross before they have even been permitted to speak. THAT is why we have Chrissy Smiths in the first place, because that culture and the obedient, lucrative, legal system can condemn a man based only upon empty accusations. All involved here should be ashamed and forced to publicly renounce the cultural misandry that has done so much damage to our entire country. May Buckeye football, they Meyers, Mr. Smith, his children, and Buckeye fans not have to suffer another moment because of one selfish, vindictive woman and the vindictive, sick culture that empowers her.

  8. “Football: Police reports depict pattern of domestic cases against Zach Smith”

    Wrong again. These police reports do nothing more than depict a pattern of accusations by his wife. They are very different kinds of things. A man who is married to a women who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder is going to experience exactly the same thing. A man is not at fault simply because such a woman wants to tar him and destroy him as is very frequently the case. Not even female-friendly family courts would conclude that Eight unsubstantiated claims–and they are completely unsubstantiated which is very peculiar if she has suffered nine years of “abuse”, expressed mathematically is 8 x 0 = 0. The product of 12 x 0 or 173 x 0 is still zero. There is no evidence of Zach Smith being guilty of abuse here just because Ms. Smith is making the claim and no family court with which I am familiar would conclude otherwise unless these claims were substantiated by validated witnesses, police observations, recordings, and/or images. That Ms. Smith lacks this evidence after nine years is suspicious to say the least. Women in her position typically carry their phones around recording nearly everything the accused does. She should have LOTS of evidence by now–and no the single text message is NOT an admission for many obvious reasons (e.g., validity, lack of preceding and following texts, the out-of-order nature of text messages, etc.).

    • Courtney Smith has now produced a single picture of a red arm and a red neck after claiming to be in an abusive relationship for nine full years. She also secured a single restraining order after Zach Smith dropped the children off in front of her home without leaving the car or entering her property. Ms. Smith has repeatedly shown herself to be an instigator and over-reactor for the purpose of garnering attention, characteristics of one who suffers from borderline personality disorder. We have no idea of the history of these red marks, but we need to get over the idea that it is always a monstrous, and abusive act for a male to respond physically to abuse by a female partner. It is not and to insist otherwise is misandrous sexism. If a man is being kicked, scratched, and punched, he has the right to restrain his attacker. If he is awakened in the middle of the night by a punch to the stomach or by being suffocated–both VERY COMMON methods of attack by borderlines, he does not deserve to be crucified if he awakens startled and threatened and is not perfectly gentle in restraining his attacker. Borderlines are also infamous for telling the children “Daddy hates you!” in front of their husbands when the husband does not comply with her demands. This is enough to enrage any adult of either gender in contemplation of the emotional damage the borderline is willing to inflict upon the children in order to get her own way.

  9. I agree, she reminds me of Nicole Brown Simpson, stay in it for the money, her family told her the same thing, it’s about personal
    Responsibility folks

  10. I feel bad for coach Meyer, if the police and d.a. Did nothing, what could he do. If Zach smith would of been arrested
    Coach Meyer would of certainly have fired him, but Courtney smith stayed, she stayed because her husband had a name
    And made a lot of money, she admits her family didn’t want him fired so he wouldn’t loose his job, and now we’re suppose
    To feel sorry for her, where is her own responsibility in all this, she blames everyone but herself, shame on her

  11. I agree with Sarah, Courtney smith should ask herself why did she stay with a guy who for ten years beat her up.
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$ shame on her too

  12. Why did all this crap come up after Zack Smith got fired? Now that he doesn’t have a job, is Courtney Smith afraid she won’t get her alimony and child support OR Is her alimony and child support going to be reduced because he’s not working??? Why was Zack Smith never arrested, charged and jailed for domestic violence??? Urban Meyer should NOT loose his Head Coaching job due to someone else’s martial problems when there is no evidence to support Courtney Smith’s allogations. Courtney needs to get on with her life and leave other people out of her problems.

  13. Blue line stinks

    Why was Zach Smith never charged?
    Um it’s OHIO State football and cops are homeboys, that’s why. A man’s man who wasn’t connected to football but that was perhaps listening to NWA, or an unemployed addict on the “ wrong part of town, would have been cuffed and worse, don’t kid yourself.
    No cop in Columbus would take down a privileged white man who works for the beloved Buckeyes. I bet they wanted his autograph. That crap gets swept under the rug all the time.


      NO you bonehead, that’s not it. The law is very complex and people have rights, including the accused. This is why it is pointless to blame Urban. It is not his job to police the peoples’ private lives. This is the job of the local authorities. This is coming from a Rutgers’s fan.

  14. People do have rights, that’s cute.
    Civil rights get trampled on all the time.
    Law enforcement has opinions and use opinions instead of the law, often.

    Gaslights are on at OSU

  15. Appalachian Advocate

    Courtney Smith is a real victim.
    The gaslighting needs to stop.
    A shelter won’t disclose if she contacted them or not so assuming she didn’t contact or visit a shelter disregards real victims who may choose to not disclose this to you. Do real victims call hotlines instead of going to a shelter? Your label of real vs pseudo victims is truly ignorant.
    If you have to put your hands on someone as an excuse to get away from a situation, isn’t that a flagrant foul? Or Holding? This man is a football coach, yet couldn’t get away without putting his hands on his partner? He used the word restrain as if that is not domestic violence. So because he didn’t punch her, then he can do what he wants because she deserved it because he thought she was crazy?
    Is that move on the chalkboard in the locker room at OSU?
    Plus her protection order was signed by a judge and her right to protection and victim status is granted by the Attorney General’s office.
    The protections she is granted are not listed in order from most offensive to least. Opinions of law enforcement or anyone else do not matter. It’s a black and white document that was read to him and he was informed, yet felt entitled to break one of the provisions.
    The arm chair psychologists are out in force victim blaming her. Really?
    She deserved it because she’s crazy?
    If she does have a mental health diagnosis, which is nobody’s business anyway, that still never means anyone is entitled to put hands on, restrain, or anything! Never out of anger and never without consent.
    If she does have a diagnosis and is being abused and her rights being disregarded then I hope she files a complaint with the ADA. Purposely abusing someone with a mental health diagnosis is a protected disability. The, “crazy,” label isn’t in the diagnostic manual and is not ever an excuse to violate ADA or HIPPA people. Sorry but welcome to this generation.
    Everyone who screwed up is digging a hole with old excuses that do not match the wording in the Law.
    Well, He didn’t punch her – that is not the line theses days people.
    Now suddenly she has all this power to control the entire situation and he is blameless because he didn’t punch her?
    If she had that much power why couldn’t he go out a back door? Is he out of shape, lost his ability to get away from a woman? Poor guy, she just must have super powers to control him and everything. BS!
    Could he not read the protection document and follow it?
    The rules don’t apply to him apparently.
    So what if the moms say she wants to take them down.
    If this man had kept his hands to himself and followed a judges order she wouldn’t have to fight for her rights.
    Plus, it should be noted that recently OSU claims that the situation with the wrestling dr. Occurred in the 80’s and the world was different then. OSU is looking into the abuse according to this generation.
    If you ask women who grew up with Lucille Ball and are projecting what they think abuse is – then you will get an opinion where the source must be considered.
    Maybe these women should put their two cents in when the judge calls them. Otherwise what they say says more about their ignorance. But the victim blamers will give their statements a lot of power as well to avoid talking about The BEHAVIOR of Zach Smith.
    He can’t control his behavior? Doesn’t have to? Can do what he wants? Wrong.
    He put his hands on her and then violated a DVCPO;
    Take them down Courtney.
    Get some justice!
    Plus if she has all this power to control a man to put his hands on her and to cause him to violate a protection order- maybe she should be the new coach. She can survive abuse and pull everyone out of position, better listen to her.
    Take them down Courtney! Get Justice!
    The gaslighting is on at OSU!
    I got your back!
    I’d march for you any day.

  16. Being a woman, domestic violence is serious and should not be tolerated. That being said, there is now a HUGE nationwide support network due to years of creating and maintaining a great program for victims of DV. Why did dumb ass Courtney stay in this situation? Why did her own mother speak out against her? How come she never pressed charges? it will be interesting in the days to come to see if she opens her mouth about anything. Zach Smith recently got remarried and bought a new house. I think maybe Courtney is going psycho. I think she probably always has been psycho, and Zach had all he could take.

  17. Appalachian Badass Advocate

    It just sucks when the guy you’re in a relationship with is a violent, verbally abusive, scary person and there is not a thing you can do about it because of who they are, who their parents are, or who they work for.
    It just sucks
    A guy like Zach smith because of where he comes from and who he is gets the benefit of the doubt.
    Confronting a cheater and an abuser is nearly impossible.

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