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Mama’s Pasta and Brew set to close in November

Credit: Rachel Bules

After 41 years near Ohio State’s campus, Mama’s Pasta and Brew announced on Monday that it will officially close its doors on Nov. 30.

The beloved campus dive bar and restaurant released a statement on its Facebook page stating that the university has bought the property and will demolish the building later this year.  

Mama’s is the latest to join the lengthy list of local businesses closing or relocating from High Street — all of which had been campus staples for a long time. Ugly Tuna Saloona, Mad Mex and The O Patio and Pub closed their doors this year.

“There are a lot of people, memories and Buckeye traditions that make Mama’s the campus tradition it has been since 1977,” a statement made via the company’s Facebook page. “Thank you to all of our customers, but most of all our loyal regulars and Hall of Famers who make Mama’s the special place it is.”


  1. There’s been a Mama’s at that location for a lot more than 41 years. We went to that spaghetti house (actually a linguine house) in the early-70s for inexpensive, delicious and filling food, their main attraction then. Even though I haven’t been in Mama’s since ‘73, it’s sad to see the last of our High Street hangouts go. I’m pretty sure the last campus-area High Street business open from my time at OSU is McDonald’s.

    • I think it was called Froggies in the early 70’s, a place for a poor college student to get a great filling plate of spaghetti!

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