YouTuber turned pop star Troye Sivan released his second studio album, “Bloom,” on Aug. 31. This highly anticipated album follows his first album, “Blue Neighborhood.”

The album opens with the track “Seventeen,” and tells of a young Sivan looking for love when he was 17. The song talks about him having intimate relationships with older men and losing his innocence. This coming-of-age song gets the album off to a great start.

The second song, “My My My!”, the first single that he released, is a dance song anthem. The songs speak about being free, not being afraid of love and living in the moment. This track embodies the carefree spirit of Troye Sivan and is one of the best songs on the album.

Breaking from the upbeat sound is “The Good Side.” This track is your classic break-up ballad, in which he sings about how he had the better end of the break up. As great as the song sounds, the switch in tempo of the record disrupts the flow of the album.

The next song is the title track “Bloom.” This song truly deserved to be the title track. This was his second single that was released, and it talks about him blooming into a man after losing his virginity. He uses the metaphor of virginity and a delicate flower to fuel his song. This song gives the album another pop anthem.

For the song “Postcard,” Sivan teams up with singer Gordi for this slow melodic track. They sing about the realization that a relationship isn’t completely perfect. The ballad-like duet flows well, but it’s a boring song.

In the song “Dance to This,” Sivan is joined by pop icon Ariana Grande for his fourth single. “Dance To This” is exactly as the title says, a perfect song to dance to. The song is simply a catchy pop dance tune, but not the greatest song on the album. The expectation for this song was high, due to the anticipation of the impressive duo, but it just ends up as simply a catchy song.

The seventh track “Plum” is a song about a changing relationship. He uses the metaphor of a ripening plum to describe an overgrown and changed relationship. Lyrics include “change is in the air” and “maybe our time has come.” Although there is an underlying sad tone to the song, its upbeat and catchy sound makes it enjoyable to listen to.

Following the same underlying tones of sadness, the song “What a Heavenly Way to Die” is a love song about growing old. Sivan sings about growing old and dying with his partner. The title speaks true to the song. The lyrics are sweet, but it is ultimately not a memorable song.

The ninth song, “Lucky Strike,” is named for the cigarette brand, and compares Sivan’s addition to his lover to an addiction to cigarettes. It’s upbeat and one of the more memorable songs on the album.

The album closes with the track “Animal.” Troye sings about the raw, animalistic passion that he has with his partner. He sings “an ode to the boy I love.” It’s a beautiful love song that comes with unique sound changes. It is the perfect way to close out the album.

Overall, the album is good. The sound of each song was consistent and flowed fairly well, except for the transition between “My My My!” and “The Good Side.” Both of the duets were subpar and didn’t add any value to the album. The pairing of Sivan and Grande does not reach their full potential, and the song is disappointing. The most notable songs are “My My My!”, “Bloom” and “Lucky Strike.” Bloom shows that Sivan is still blooming. For only his second album, it is better than expected.

Troye Sivan shows that his musical career is just beginning. Although “Bloom” released three years after his first album “Blue Neighborhood,” his rise to stardom has not lost any momentum.