A colorful and spicy breakfast quesadilla plated with sunny-side-up eggs at Hangover Easy in Columbus. Credit: Courtney Voisard | Lantern Reporter

There are many niche restaurants popping up around Columbus, but my heart will always belong to Mexican food. I am a creature of habit and quesadillas are my go-to. I am always that friend who is down for Mexican food and after eating it so much, I have compiled this completely opinionated list for you: the best places near campus to grab a quesadilla.

You can stuff just about anything in a cheese quesadilla, and it has many variations. In the food world, originality is sought after, and this Mexican dish has restaurants creatively putting their own spins on the classic.

Local Cantina

Local Cantina on North High Street has an old pub vibe to it, and all the homage to Ohio on the walls made me feel right at home. I always notice some sort of new and interesting relic on the walls when I eat at Local Cantina, and that kind of atmosphere is why I love going back. Its menu offers several quesadillas, but the Ron Burgundy, a black bean corn salsa quesadilla, is lighter in volume and doesn’t contain meat. Served with lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream on the side, the Ron Burgundy is a good choice for vegetarians or people who just want a lighter meal.

Hangover Easy

If you are a morning person, Hangover Easy on Neil Avenue gives you great food to wake up to. Its boozy breakfast drinks, on-point playlists and mellow atmosphere make it a great spot for students to ease back into reality after a Saturday night out. They also serve a colorful and fresh breakfast quesadilla, perfect for someone who needs a kick in the morning. It is a grilled flour tortilla that is stuffed with blackened chicken, cheddar cheese and black beans, topped with fresh pico de gallo, queso, sour cream and plated with two sunny-side-up eggs. The quesadilla had the perfect amount of spice to liven me up, or maybe it was the two cups of dark roast coffee.

Cazuela’s Grill

Cazuela’s on North High Street has just the type of ambiance that lures me in. There is just something about a place that gives the extra effort to hang string lights on its patio. The restaurant is close to campus, has decently priced margaritas and offers a create-your-own quesadilla menu. Honestly, I don’t know what could be better than that. You can choose from a few proteins such as steak, chicken or al pastor. The grilled chicken quesadilla with onion, peppers and tomatoes had a delicious, authentic flavor.