Kingmakers, a board game bar located in the Short North where the “Game for Good” fundraising event will be held. Courtesy of Kingmakers.

Game enthusiasts and cat lovers will unite to support a local nonprofit by playing board games on Wednesday night.

Kingmakers, a local board game bar, is partnering with the Cat Welfare Association — a nonprofit focused on helping the stray cat population — for the first event of Game for Good, which is a series of events hosted by Kingmakers that aims to raise funds for local causes through a night of playing board games and enjoying food and drinks.

Malika Jacobs, founder and owner of Kingmakers, said the fundraiser allows people to do something they enjoy while supporting a cause about which they are passionate.

“It’s sort of in line with all the other socially-conscious business models that are out there right now,” Jacobs said. “You’re able to give back and do something that’s connected to a little bit of a wider issue and a wider cause in your community.”

At the event, attendees will have more than 300 games to choose from Kingmaker’s library while enjoying beverages such as craft beer, specialty sodas, coffee and tea, eating locally made snacks and playing with cats from the Cat Welfare Association.

While searching for local organizations to partner with, Kingmakers came across the Cat Welfare Association, which, in addition to serving the stray cat population, also provides financial help and advice for people struggling to care for their pet cats, said Gail Harbert, program manager of The Cat Welfare Association.

“They contacted us, and we were thrilled,” Harbert said. “I think it’s a great option for folks to go out and have a fun evening and support our mission.”

Jacobs said Kingmakers created Game for Good in spring to foster community engagement while encouraging people to give back.

“We get a lot of requests for fundraising events, and they largely center around raffles or donations,” Jacobs said. “It just didn’t seem as meaningful as getting folks into our space to enjoy Kingmakers in another way … When we came up with this option, it seemed like a really good way to get people together around board games, which is basically our tagline — that board games bring people together.”

Kingmakers opened in Columbus almost five years ago when Jacobs was inspired by a board game bar in Toronto. Jacobs said Kingmakers sets itself apart through its board game sommeliers, who serve as experts by teaching customers how to play games and giving recommendations.

Since its doors first opened, Jacobs said Kingmakers has received a lot of support from the Columbus community, including the Ohio State student population.

“We have a lot of OSU students that pop in across the board,” Jacobs said. “If you’re trying to make new friends or you’re in an organization at OSU, it’s a great way to get people out to do something different.”

Game for Good will take place 5-8 p.m. on Wednesday at Kingmakers on 17 Buttles Ave. There is a $5 noncash library fee, and 18 percent of all proceeds generated by the event will be donated to the Cat Welfare Association.