Students vote in the midterm elections at the Ohio Union on Nov. 6. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo Editor

Throughout the night, The Lantern will provide updates on the local, state and national elections being decided Tuesday. There will be updates with results as they come in, any called races and other information pertaining to the 2018 midterm elections.

(11:56 p.m. ET): Click here for full coverage of Mike DeWine’s victory. Last note before we sign off here at The Lantern: Democrats are projected to flip control of the House of Representatives while Republicans will pick up seats in the Senate.

(11:14 p.m. ET): Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) is projected to defeat Richard Cordray (D) and become Ohio’s next Governor with 51 percent of the vote to Cordray’s 46 percent with 94 percent of precincts reporting.

(10:44 p.m. ET): Republicans are projected to win the following statewide seats: Frank LaRose (R) defeats Kathleen Clyde (D) for Secretary of State, Dave Yost (R) defeats Steve Dettelbach (D) for Attorney General, Keith Faber (R) defeats Zack Space (D) for Auditor and Robert Sprague (R) defeats Rob Richardson (D) for Treasurer.

(9:43 p.m. ET): Issue 1 is projected to be defeated with 54.87 percent of precincts reporting, 65.08 percent of voters have rejected the proposal while only 34.92 percent have supported it.

(9:20 p.m. ET): As results continue to come in, Republicans have taken leads in all of the major statewide races for the first time. Mike DeWine (R) leads Richard Cordray (D) 52 percent to 46 percent in the race for governor. Meanwhile, State Issue 1 is currently being voted down by a significant margin with 64 percent of counted votes against the proposition and 34 percent in favor.

(8:38 p.m. ET): Click here for full coverage of Sherrod Brown’s (D) projected victory. 

(8:23 p.m. ET): Sherrod Brown (D) is projected to win reelection defeating Jim Renacci (R), but the race for governor is tight as can be with Richard Cordray (D) currently sitting at 51 percent and Mike DeWine (R) at 47 percent.

(7:53 p.m. ET): Ohio U.S. Representative Joyce Beatty (D) is projected to win District 3, retaining her seat after defeating Republican Jim Burgess.

(7:30 p.m. ET): Polls in the state of Ohio have closed. Vote counts will start coming in soon.

(6:00 p.m. ET): Below are the races The Lantern will be keeping an eye on, as well as watching national outcomes to see if Democrats are able to flip either chamber of Congress in their favor. Ohio polls will close at 7:30 p.m. so there is still plenty of time for you to get out and vote! Click here to find your polling location and here for The Lantern’s quick guide to the midterms if you are still undecided.

Statewide races

Ohio Governor

Richard Cordray (D)

Mike DeWine (R)

Constance Gadell-Newton (Green)

Travis Irvine (Libertarian)

U.S. Senator

Sherrod Brown (D)

Jim Renacci (R)

Issue 1

For the initiative

Against the initiative

Ohio Secretary of State

Kathleen Clyde (D)

Frank LaRose (R)

Dutin Nanna (Libertarian)

Ohio Attorney General

Steve Dettelbach (D) 

Dave Yost (R)

Ohio Auditor

Robert Coogan (Libertarian)

Keith Faber (R)

Zack Space (D)

Ohio Treasurer

Rob Richardson (D)

Robert Sprague (R)

Districts that include campus

U.S. Representative for Ohio District 3

Joyce Beatty (D)

Jim Burgess (R)

U.S. Representative for Ohio District 12

Troy Balderson (R)

Danny O’Connor (D)

Joe Manchik (Green)