“The World Ends With You: Final Remix” is a handheld, 2D, hack-and-slash video game developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo. “The World Ends With You” was released in 2007 on the Nintendo DS, but gradually gained popularity to become a hidden gem in the Nintendo gaming community. On Oct. 12 the Nintendo Switch version was released, which is a port from the 2012 iOS version, but with extra content. This is my second time playing “The World Ends With You,” since I played the DS version before I played the Switch version.  


There are two ways to play “The World Ends With You.” One way is by using the cursor in the Switch’s docked mode, and the other is touching your Switch with your greasy, unsanitized fingers in handheld mode. My recommendation if you’re going to play this game is to buy a screen protector for your Switch and a stylus, but personally I played through the whole game in handheld mode. Combat works by tapping and swiping, which is where the RPG element, hack-and-slash comes in. Some of the game loadouts fire lasers, some lay down traps while some slice and dice. Each loadout you get is so much different from the other that you end up trying them all. And unlike a game like Pokemon, you determine when encounters occur, allowing you to fight to your heart’s content.


The story is absolutely brilliant. Once you complete the first arc, you just want to know how it ends, and every plot twist keeps you invested in the game. But take your time — there’s a lot to explore and you might even find some secrets along the way.


Ultimately, “The World Ends With You” is a solid game while not amazing. The controls — choosing between a clunky cursor or greasy fingers — aren’t ideal but do not ruin the game altogether. Holding this game up is the fantastic narrative that provides the player with plenty of welcome surprises. Combine this narrative with a great art style and soundtrack, and this adds another port to the Switch library that is worth adding to your backlog or picking up while you wait for Smash Ultimate to come out.