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Football: Ohio State fails to make College Football Playoff, ranks No. 6 in final poll

The Buckeyes prepare to take to the field prior to the start of the B1G Championship Game vs. Northwestern on Dec. 1. Ohio State won 45-24. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo Editor

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer’s goal was always to get back to Indianapolis, to get that 37th Big Ten title, to prove one last time to the College Football Playoff committee that the Buckeyes had the talent to overcome the so-called inconsistencies of October.

But as the confetti fell on Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, with then-No. 6 Ohio State defeating then-No. 21 Northwestern 45-24, the committee still did not think it was enough.

Ohio State stays at No. 6 in the final edition of the College Football Playoff rankings, failing to make the playoff for the second straight season.

No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Clemson, No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 4 Oklahoma will play for a chance at a national championship on Dec. 29 in either the Cotton Bowl or the Orange Bowl.

Like the 2017 season, the Buckeyes were in contention for the final spot in the playoff. But, even with one loss, Ohio State could not move past the 49-20 loss at Purdue on Oct. 20, despite recording ranked wins against Penn State, TCU, Michigan State, Michigan and Northwestern.

Oklahoma defeated then-No. 14 Texas 39-27 in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, who had redeemed its 48-45 loss to the Longhorns on Oct. 6, the only blemish on the season for the Sooners.

Ohio State will play in the Rose Bowl against Washington on Jan. 1.

Story updated with Ohio State’s bowl game.


  1. Notre Dame, as an independent, doesn’t have the need to win a conference championship. But, apparently that doesn’t mean that much to the committee, anyway. I have no problemo with us missing that 4th spot. We didn’t care of business, just like last year, and got blown out against an inferior team. But for a 2-loss team, Georgia, to be ranked at #5, is a joke. They also suffered a bad loss, by 20, to LSU. But, the SEC is the favorite child of college football mavens.

  2. While it was going to be a miracle the Buckeyes were going to make the final four playoff; it seems that the playoff system is as bad as the BCS or the results of the last AP and USA Today polls; the system used before the BCS.

    The idea of a “playoff” was to decide the champion on the field. But, in the last two years, the Big Ten has not made it to the playoff. Also, for the record, the Buckeyes ended up 5th in today’s AP and USA Today polls. Yet, those who decide the playoff ranked them sixth, to favor a SEC team; Georgia They placed a two loss Georgia ahead of a one loss Ohio State.

    While it si academic,a s Ohio State is going to play Washington in the Rose Bowl, the College Football Payoff Committee, makes decisions based upon their own speculation, and not a true playoff.

    For example, what if Ohio State played like they did against Michigan, facing Notre Dame. Sixth seed against the third seed? We will never know.

    Yes, Ohio State lost badly to Purdue, and, up until the last two weeks, have not played consistently. But, a prejudice human factor that is also involved here.

    I am for a real playoff. One that uses the results of the conference championships as the basis for team selection. Also, all schools must be ina conference, so everyone plays the same number of games.

    There are 128 or so schools in the top NCAA division (aka Division 1A or Bowl Championship Division). There should be eight conferences. The winners of each conference playoff, meet to determine the final four. This effectively creates a 16 school playoff. The only human factor is how to seed the conferences.

    Yes, this would cause some conferences to be merged into others. The SEC, Big Ten, and ACC already comprise 14 schools. adding two will not be difficult for each. The Big 12, ten and the PAC 12, twelve. Out west, for example, BYU, and some Mountain West schools can be added to the PAC 12, Air Force Wyoming, Boise State, Colorado State, are examples. The Big 12, will have a more difficult task adding six schools; but schools like Rice, SMU, UTEP, Tulane, New Mexico, Memphis, are possibilities. As for the Mountain West, MAC, Sunbelt, American and Conference USA this is where most merges would occur.

    I am hoping the Big !0 and PAC 12 make it known that the current system is not fair to determine a true champion. There needs to be one more game to determine the final four, as a bridge between the conference championships and determining the final four. By doing this, it eliminates the human factor and determines the championship on the field, and not in some secret board room.

  3. No problemo with us missing the 4th spot. We didn’t care of business against a .500 team. Just as with Iowa last year, we got crushed. What galls is the SEC loser, Georgia, getting in at #5.

  4. This is just too lame! Ohio state loss to PURDUE!?? ANd is ranked number 6?!! RUF kidding me?!!!!

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