Former Ohio State wrestler Michael DiSabato (left) was jailed for missing a court date on Monday. Credit: Courtesy of Marty Schladen, Columbus Dispatch

Michael DiSabato, one of the first accusers to come forward in the Richard Strauss sexual misconduct case, was jailed on Monday after missing his court date on Friday for a telecommunications-harassment case.

DiSabato, 50, was scheduled to appear in court Monday in a case where he had sent multiple emails to former Ohio State football player Matthew Finkes in July 2018. According to court records, he was later charged with nine counts of telecommunications harassment.

His bond hearing is set for Jan. 16.

In July 2018, DiSabato went public with allegations against Rep. Jim Jordan, Republican congressman from Ohio’s fourth congressional district, that Jordan knew about Strauss’ abuse against former Ohio State athletes.

Later that month, it was reported that DiSabato sought settlement from the university back in June for compensation for those who had been allegedly abused by Strauss. He has been one of the more vocal voices in the case as a whole, and was among the accusers who spoke to the Board of Trustees’ full board meeting in November.