The Ohio State dance department will put on their student-run Winter Concert this weekend at Sullivant Hall.
Credit: Ogonna Ononye / Lantern photographer

Cue lights, cue sound, cue dancers; it’s showtime for the Ohio State dance department as it hosts its annual Winter Concert this weekend in the Barnett Theatre.

On the third floor of Sullivant Hall, this student-run production gives dance majors the chance to showcase to the public the work they do in the classroom. From running lights to choreographing a piece, students take on any role they want in producing the show.

“To me, this performance is a visual gathering and kind of like a resume,” Alexandra Cassidy, a third-year in dance and a choreographer of the show, said. “When I graduate, I’m going to have to use some of the performances to show what I’ve done as a dancer and choreographer.”

While having complete control over the show, the students had the guidance of David Covey, their professor and production manager.

“It’s so satisfying. It’s a brand new experience [for the students],” Covey said. “They’ve never done this before, but once they get through the first tech rehearsal, they feel super empowered and they take ownership of it.”

With no overarching theme in the production, students had creative freedom when putting together their pieces.

“I wanted my piece to look how it feels, so hopefully my piece feels very dreamy and imaginative through the use of ripples and currents,” student choreographer Jacqueleen Bordjadze, a third-year in dance, said.

Dancer and choreographer Sutton Coffey, a third-year in dance, had a different take for his routine.

“The music for my piece is very repetitive and sectional, almost choppy, so my movements will reflect that,” Coffey said.

After all of the time and hard work put in, the payoff in the end for the dancers and crew is their growth. Bordjadze said it is fun to see the growth and development of the students into artists during their time.

While Covey sees it every day in classes and rehearsals, the concert allows the public to see the talent of the dance program.

“I’m always excited to share with the community what amazing work our students do,” Covey said. “They are extremely talented, hard-working, motivated kids.”

General admission is $15 and can be purchased at the Ohio State Theatre Ticket Office and online on Ticketmaster. Ohio State faculty, staff, students, and Alumni Association members; senior citizens; non-Ohio State students; children; and military veterans may purchase tickets for $10.