President Drake announced a Sustainability Institute Wednesday at the Ohio State Community Engagement Conference. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo Editor

President Michael Drake announced the creation of the Sustainability Institute at Ohio State Wednesday at the opening of the Ohio State Community Engagement Conference.

The Sustainability Institute aims to promote the teaching of sustainability; drive research; work with public and private partners to develop sustainable solutions; engage students in learning about sustainability through research and experiences; and help Ohio State in attracting students, talent and resources.

“Our interdisciplinary research capacity, culture of problem solving, and strategic partnerships with private industry, public agencies and non-governmental organizations offer countless opportunities to create transformational change in Ohio and around the world,” the Sustainability Institute’s website said.

Ohio State has more than 600 faculty and scientists involved in sustainability research and offers more than 1,000 courses on sustainability, making the university “poised to make lasting contributions contributions to solving many of the world’s most complex and pervasive challenges,” according to the website.

The Sustainability Institute is located in Smith Laboratory.