Bringing a car to campus can add to college expenses and there are a limited number of spots. Credit: Amal Saeed | Assistant Photo Editor

Off-campus living has many perks, but convenient parking usually is not one of them.

Many residents of Columbus, especially students, find parking to be somewhat complicated.

The majority of off-campus residences offer one parking spot per two-bedroom unit, and sometimes not even that, but most students still prefer to have a car on campus. This poses the question, “Where do people park?”

CampusParc President and CEO Sarah Blouch said there are a few ways to maneuver the issue.

Blouch said there are many options available, and CampusParc can find something that works for most situations, whether it is annual overnight parking, parking for a month or parking for just one day.

There are a few different factors that play into who can get which permit, Blouch said. Certain permits are reserved for faculty, which are listed as A; some for staff, which are listed as B; and some for students, which are listed as C.

However, not all permits allow for overnight stays.

Blouch said students who need a place to park their car overnight have the following options:

North campus

The Arps Garage (CPN4) on North College Road, the Lane Avenue Garage (CPN1) on Neil Avenue, the West Lane Avenue Garage (CPN2).

South campus

The Gateway Garage (CPS3) on East 11th Avenue, the Ohio Union North Garage (CPS2) on Oval Mall North, the 11th Avenue Garage (CPS).

West campus

The West Campus surface lot (WC5).

A detailed surface lot list, garage list and pricing list can all be found on the Campus Parc website.

Buying a pass

Prices for the garages and lots vary depending on status and class, but all CampusParc permits are prorated, Blouch said.

“Any pass can be purchased at any time during the year, and it’s prorated by the month,” she said.

If someone buys an annual pass and only needs it for a semester, they can return their pass and be reimbursed for the unused time, Blouch said.

Permits can be purchased online, but Blouch said customers should utilize their storefront in the Gateway Plaza, located at 1560 N. High St.

“The staff in the office are great,” Blouch said. “Just call them or go in and say, ‘Here’s what I need to do, and this is what I’m trying to accomplish,’ and you can buy what you need.”

CampusParc also offers many options for daytime parking, and more information can be found at