Suspect identified in string of burglaries on campus. Credit: Courtesy Ohio State Department of Public Safety

A burglary crime trend occurring between February 8 and 18 in residence halls has been identified by University Police according to a public safety notice issued on Tuesday.

University police are currently investigating five burglaries from unlocked, unattended residence hall rooms in Blackburn House, Houston House, Nosker House and Taylor Tower. The incidents are reported to have happened during different times. Stolen items include electronics and gaming systems, cash and credit cards.

The notice advises the campus community to follow certain safety tips including: do not leave valuables unattended, remember to lock all residence hall doors, do not let unknown persons into residence halls and report suspicious behavior or missing property to police.

University police continues to investigate and urges anyone with information related to these crimes, or the suspect’s identity, to call police at 614-292-2121.