Students play billiards at Out-R-Inn. Credit: Claire Kudika | Assistant Design Editor

With all the bars that have been slowly leaving campus, one has remained standing: Out-R-Inn. From its Monday Mug Night deals to its daily happy hours, this bar has a lot of monetary perks that keep Ohio State students coming back. But Out-R-Inn is more than its cheap prices.

Just by looking at the hundreds of names written in different colored Sharpies across the walls of the bar, you can tell it’s a place that holds a lot of memories for Buckeyes that have come and gone.

The atmosphere can’t be beat. Even on its craziest nights, Out-R-Inn never fails to be a place where your friends can come in and just have a chill night.

Obviously, we all go to bars to crack open a cold one with the boys, but Out-R-Inn provides more than just beer. The bar has pool tables, darts and an outdoor patio for students to enjoy when it’s not insanely cold. So when you are at other bars and wish there was something to do other than stand around and talk, Out-R-Inn has you covered.

When you and your friends are done with your night of drinking, Out-R-Inn provides the ideal location for late-night bites. Sicilia’s sits right next door, so you can pop over for pizza by the slice while you are still at the bar. And if you are looking for the ultimate drunk food stop, PJ’s is across the street, where you can get chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and french fries, all on the same sandwich. Or if you just feel like snacking, UDF is around the corner, so the bar really provides the ultimate location for getting that midnight snack.

On top of food, activities and cheap drinks, one of Out-R-Inn’s most redeeming qualities is the fact that it stays true to being 21-and-up. Many campus bars are more flexible on letting those under the legal drinking age into their bars, but Out-R-Inn tries to keep out those who are not 21. As someone who is a 22-year-old fourth-year, I am thankful I have a place to go to where I don’t have to worry about hanging out with a bunch of freshmen.

Out-R-Inn provides a memorable night for students and a staple for alumni to come back to visit. With so many of students’ favorite campus bars disappearing from High Street, it’s great to see that this bar is still standing, and hopefully it won’t be going anywhere any time soon.