Stuart Chafetz will conduct “Jurassic Park in Concert” with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra this weekend. Credit: Courtesy of Randall L. Scheiber

Longtime fans of a Steven Spielberg classic will get to relive their fantasies of prehistoric predators with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s rendition of the film’s iconic score.

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra will present “Jurassic Park in Concert” this weekend with its performance of the original John Williams score alongside the film.

The entire film, will be projected on a screen above Ohio Theatre’s stage, accompanied by live music from the orchestra.

Stuart Chafetz, conductor of the piece, said he remembers seeing “Jurassic Park” for the first time and found it frightening, but still loved the film and its soundtrack.

“The music is so good, and being able to have it live with a symphony orchestra is like a whole other level of cool,” Chafetz said.

Chafetz added that he is a big fan of Williams’ work, and its theme song often sends chills throughout his body. He said Williams’ music can capture the intensity as well as the calmer parts of the film, while also emphasizing the characters.

“He’s so gifted at helping to contribute to tell the story,” Chafetz said.

Though Chafetz has been conducting for 20 years and has done the “Jurassic Park” score numerous times with other orchestras, he said he still finds the score to be a challenge.

“My biggest fear is just losing concentration,” Chafetz said. “You can’t think about anything else.”

The show being held at Ohio Theatre, which was originally a movie house, is something Chafetz described as fantastic and a new way of presenting events that combine movies and live orchestras. Chafetz said he knows it will be popular among Ohio State students.

Rolanda Copley, the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts publicist, said in an email that she finds it fascinating when recorded art is combined with live, performance art.

“It’s the best of both worlds and quite a sensory experience,” Copley said.

“Jurassic Park in Concert” will premiere 8 p.m. Saturday at the Ohio Theatre. Tickets begin at $69 plus fees via Ticketmaster.