The second-floor event space in Seventh Son where Sunny Sunday Family Day will be held. Credit | Oliver Boch

Seventh Son Brewery aims to strengthen community pride with a family day fundraiser to give back to their neighborhood and invite new members.

Seventh Son started hosting family day events in January, and since then, they have become a patron favorite. The brewery wanted a way to promote their space as family-friendly despite the nature of the business.

When the first family day took place at the beginning of the year, they received a lot of positive feedback. Partner Jen Burton said, “It was slammed in January, and then there were a lot more people in February, and it was more organized, so it was a better flow.”

Seventh Son is fundraising for a local organization, the Godman Guild, who provide various programs for the community, including child and teen after school and summer programs, adult education classes, immersive job training, and adaptive language classes.

Zach Matthews, Director of Philanthropy at the Godman Guild, said about the help from Seventh Son, “Grants are restricted in the way that we’re able to utilize those dollars, but funding from other sources allows us to be mobile in how we adapt and provide programming to best meet the changing need of all of the participants.”

Seventh Son has made it a point to regularly host events that benefit the community. Burton said, “We’ve impacted this neighborhood a lot, so we really wanted to give back to our neighborhood.” Although this is only the third time that the brewery has held a family day, they plan to make it a monthly occurrence since hearing encouragement from guests.

During the event, a low alcohol “family fun day punch” will be available for adults, and $1 from every purchase will go to the Godman Guild, as well as a percentage from other purchases. Additionally, Preston’s: A Burger Joint will have kids’ meals available. Suzuki Music Columbus is bringing instruments for the kids to play with, free face painting will be available, and the kids will have free reign of the second-floor event space.

Burton, who has a child of her own, said that the idea for a family day was born out of the boredom of winter. “It started because [January] was a really boring month and it was cold. It was just really good to have an excuse to do something when it was the wintertime blues.”

As opposed to the bar scene, Seventh Son and other local breweries seem to be a more welcoming environment for kids. “I think breweries in general are kind of kid-friendly, it’s more European in that sense,” said Burton. “We want to promote that we’re a super family friendly place all the time, but especially on those days,” she added, referring to the family days.

The Sunny Sunday Family Day event will be held 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. primarily on the second-floor event space of the brewery. It is free to attend, children are very much welcome, and a percentage of the proceeds will be given to the Godman Guild.