Audience members in A&R Music Bar shout out inside jokes and compliments to Marc Rebillet as he starts to build the first loop of the night.
Credit: Adreyn Yates

On Thursday night, YouTube musical comedy improviser, Marc “Loop Daddy” Rebillet, took over the small, intimate venue of A&R Music Bar as he performed tailor-made funky, electronic loops paired with his strange sense of humor.

The lights dimmed as Rebillet, hailing from Dallas, Texas, emerged from backstage around 9 p.m. He was greeted with an energized audience chanting “Marc, Marc, Marc…,” followed by several compliments and provocative inside jokes from obvious fans, to which he jokingly said, “Oh, hey.”

The show began when Rebillet noticed an audience member wearing a banana costume, and he instantly belted out his first, Columbus-customized loop of the night, “I’m gonna peel you just like a banana. When I peel it’s like a banana.”

As Rebillet built this loop with more comical, off-the-wall lyrics, he used only a synth keyboard and loop machine to create electronic, R&B and hip-hop influenced beats. In just a matter of minutes, audience members were experiencing a completely original show.

“The shows are make up every night. No one else gets a show like this,” he said.

Following his first loop of the night, cued by the guy in the banana costume, Rebillet created five additional crowd-inspired loops. Skit topics ranged from the days the week to “love good hate bad” to the warning label on his Columbus Brewing Company ale bottle.

Although these random, comical lyrics might not be for everyone, Rebillet’s vocals were anything but a joke. He nailed every single genre he tried, whether it was pop, slow R&B, or old-soul. His seemly-perfect pitch and incredible range make his talent impossible to ignore.

Rebillet’s interaction with the audience continued when he asked them to vote on which popular YouTube song they wanted to hear. Between “Get in the Pool,” “Black Beard” and “Look at that A**,” the latter won by a landslide as the entire venue roared.

His performance of “Look at that A**” was even better live than it is on YouTube, and as he wrapped up this crowd favorite, he couldn’t help but show his gratitude to the screaming audience.

“This is amazing, bro. Thank you. Thank you.”

Rebillet didn’t stop there. He also played two other crowd favorites, “REACH OUT” and a “Silly B****” remix, followed by a couple more on-the-spot loops that led the audience chanting his name once again.

Rebillet’s talent on the keyboard, impressive vocals, and strange dance moves definitely made me a fan by the end the of the night.

He ended his show by showered the audience with compliments on their constant energy throughout the night.

“Thank you, Columbus… What an absolute pleasure.”