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Local dog bakery hosts Short North business crawl

A Cakehound customer getting ready for Hoppin’ Hound. Courtesy of Teresa Jacques.

For the first time, local gourmet dog treat bakery Cakehound is hosting Hoppin’ Hound, a multi-business tour of the Short North on Sunday, and they’re inviting dogs.

The tour begins at Bar 23 where participants will receive a tote bag provided by Jenn Larsen of Jenn Makes it Personal to collect a special Cakehound cookie at each of the 13 participating businesses. The businesses include a mix of bars, restaurants, and shops.

The idea came when Cakehound owner Teresa Jacques started her business in October 2018. Jacques previously worked at Three Dog Bakery which held a similar community event. “It’s just an event that brings the community together. It keeps all these local shop owners involved; it brings people into the Short North.”

Hoppin’ Hound is set before Easter like it’s predecessor event in order to let people spend personal time with their dogs. “It gets people excited for spring. … The week before Easter gives people a little time to do something with their dogs before their busy with their family events,” Jacques said.

Also involved in hosting the event is Adopt 64fur, a local pet accessory business run by Margot Sandler and Ashley Toenjes. They’ll be set up as a vendor at the check in site in Bar 23’s private room. ”What I really like about Adopt 61fur is that every month, they donate a part of their proceed to whichever rescue organization they’ve chosen for that month. They do a really great job,” Jacques said

Sandler and Jacques have known each other for years and are dedicated to helping people keep a strong relationship with their pets. “A lot of it is to do with just getting dogs out there and being able to bond with your dog and that they are part of your family,” Sandler said.

Adopt 61fur is devoted to supporting other small businesses, especially those that help the Short North create a well-rounded environment. “She’s a really good pet advocate and what she makes is high quality, and she’s a very good partnership with the short north,” Sandler said about partnering with Jacques for Hoppin’ Hound.

Each month, Adopt 61fur donates 50% of their proceeds to a rescue organization. This month, profits will go to support PetPromise located in Columbus.

Hoppin’ Hound will have two tour times on Sunday at 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. Dogs must be registered to receive treats at each location and it is requested that they be on a 6 foot non-retractable leash.

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