Circular Reasoning Improv is open to underrepresented groups in comedy, such as women and non-binary people. Credit: Courtesy of Francesca Varga

A group of female comics has formed a new improv comedy student organization at Ohio State that is aimed at incorporating certain minority groups.   

The group, Circular Reasoning Improv, officially formed in March and is open to underrepresented groups in comedy, such as women and non-binary people.

Hannah Wagner, a third-year in English and political science, said the group’s style of improv comedy is completely unscripted and will give a voice to those who traditionally have not had one.

“For people with marginalized identities, it’s really important to get into comedy because it’s a great platform for sharing our experience,” Wagner said. “It’s a way to say, ‘We’re here, we’re strong, and we’re being ourselves,’ and in a way that is a form of protest.”

Madison Richards, a fourth-year in English and history and the group’s secretary, said Circular Reasoning is ready and excited to begin performing.

“We’re all pretty eager to start doing improv but a little nervous because we’ve never done it in front of people before,” Richards said.

Both Wagner and Richards said they found the group to be very supportive and welcoming.

“It’s a really great environment and very empowering as far as being a woman goes,” Richards said. “It’s already helped a lot. It’s helped me a lot.”

Richards added that the group will have a social focus through both performance and volunteering.

“It’s a very safe space in terms of both comedy and fostering a sense of community and empowerment through comedy,” Richards said. “We also really want to focus on the service aspect of it.”

Wagner said that Circular Reasoning’s philanthropy will likely focus on assisting marginalized genders.

“I think the service is an important part of our mission,” Wagner said. “We’ll probably be working on something that helps women, whether that’s through shelters or product drives or something else.”

The group hopes to have its debut performance in September and will hold auditions for new members in the spring.

“Everything kind of just happens on the spot, which involves a lot of working together,” Wagner said. “We’re excited to be the first all-female or gender-inclusive org on campus for comedy specifically.”