Former Ohio State diving club coach William Bohonyi was sentenced to four years in prison for two charges of sexual battery with an underage diver Monday in Franklin County Common pleas court.

The former assistant coach was first accused of coercing a 16-year-old to engage in sex acts in July 2014.

Bohonyi was fired by Ohio State in Aug. 2014 after an investigation found that he convinced the minor to lie about their relationship.

The case was reopened in January 2018 when the diver contacted university police.

Bohonyi pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual battery in May after being indicted on three counts of sexual battery and one count of sexual pandering in November 2018. He pleaded not guilty in December 2018.

Ron O’Brien, Franklin County prosecutor, said in May that prosecutors would drop the sexual pandering charge, which was for recording sexual acts with a minor, as part of a plea deal.

Former diving club head coach John Appleman was placed on administrative leave following a class-action lawsuit filed in July 2018 that alleged Appleman knew of Bohonyi’s relationship with the diver.

The university was initially indicated as a defendant in the lawsuit, but was dismissed in August 2018.