Chad Porter, founder of Chvd Justin, wearing the new Game Day edition wearpack. Credit: Micahiah Brown-Davis | Lantern Reporter

Student-founded retail company Chvd Justin, which specializes in handmade “wearpacks,” is introducing a Game Day edition of its signature product this week at an on-campus pop-up shop.

Chad Porter, a third-year in economics, said he launched Chvd Justin in his second year after designing the wearpack —  a bag that can be worn as a detachable chest pack and backpack — in his dorm room. In honor of the university where his company got its start, Porter said he wanted to introduce the new Game Day collection called The Arrival through a free-entry pop-up shop in Hale Hall. 

“Ohio State is the birthplace of a new product. The event will be an artistic experience,” Porter said. “This event is different because this is the only place in the world you can get a product like this.”

Porter said the Game Day wearpacks are different from the original because they have a detachable chest pack with a shoulder strap, allowing them to be worn as a shoulder bag. The bags come in two color combinations: scarlet and gray or black and silver, Porter said.

In addition to the wearpacks, Porter said long-sleeve reflective T-shirts with his brand’s logo will be available. 

Student artists will complement the pop-up event by performing a mixture of rap, R&B and dance with performers including Porter, Loh Glizzy, Rio Lordi, Itscuddy, Snvke, 3D Urban Dance Team and Mariah Joy, Porter said.

Shiloh Turner, whose stage name is Loh Glizzy, is a rap artist who previously opened for Playboy Carti at the Ohio State homecoming concert. He will be performing unreleased music, as well as songs from that concert.

Turner said he became a friend of Porter’s two years ago after they connected through their career goals regarding fashion and music.

“When he asked me to do this show, I was excited and eager. He’s worked really hard to get where he is now,” Turner said.

Porter said he presented the original wearpacks at his first pop-up shop in July in his hometown of Cleveland, where more than 50 people attended.

Since his first pop-up shop, Porter said he has been planning the event with the Chvd Justin team, which includes four Ohio State students.

“I designed this product on campus as a college student, and we’re throwing this event as college students,” Porter said. “Hopefully this will be a beacon of light to any young artist, designers, future entrepreneurs. We just want to encourage everybody.” 

Porter said the Game Day editions are $65, but are available for 10 percent off with a BuckID. The long-sleeve reflective T-shirts will be available for $10.

“The Game Day [editions] are the hardest ones he’s dropped so far. You can tell the work is very precise,” Turner said. 

Porter said being an Ohio State student has provided connections and help in planning the event. 

“Our goal is to be the next biggest brand in the world, and I want people to come be a part of history,” Porter said. 

The Arrival pop-up shop is 2-6 p.m. Saturday in Hale Hall. Products are available for purchase at the event and on