Model Flor B. for Khat Slade Demand. Khat Slade Demand is hosting an immersive fashion exhibition on Oct. 24. Credit: Courtesy of Khat Slade Demand

Fashion Week Columbus may be over, but something new — and some might say lucky — is arriving to the local fashion scene this week.

Zari Jackson, founder and designer for Khat Slade Demand, a streetwear brand for women, is hosting Demand Luck! An Immersive Fashion Exhibition downtown Thursday. The event will incorporate symbols of good luck while relating them to Halloween and common superstitions, according to the event page.

“There’s going to be giant eight balls rolling across the floor that you’re going to see. Like with all the art installations, it really all goes back to the same theme, and it’s something that we are going to have to install the day of, which I think that’s what makes it truly different,” Jackson said.

Demand Luck! shows off the clothing of Khat Slade Demand with the aid of interactive props, activities and art throughout the venue, which supplement Jackson’s fantasy streetwear aesthetic.

Social media management agency A.M. Social has partnered with Khat Slade Demand to produce the immersive fashion show. Alexia Montgomery, owner of A.M. Social, said the fashion will be unlike anything attendees have experienced, with Khat’s designs going above and beyond wearable clothing.

“You are going to be immersed in art from ceiling to floor, so there’s going to be different installations on the ceiling, on the walls, in the corners — just lots of different things going on, lots of different things to look at,” Montgomery said. “Instead of it just being pretty or something, it’s a bit more abstract and artistic, so you’re going to kind of feel like you’re in a different world.”

Model Shinobi for Khat Slade Demand. Khat Slade Demand is hosting an immersive fashion exhibition on Oct. 24. Credit: Courtesy of Khat Slade Demand

In addition to the show providing attendees with an involved fashion experience, Montgomery said the majority of ticket sale proceeds will be donated to AgedOutt, a local nonprofit organization that helps youth who have aged out of foster care become self-sufficient.

Jackson said she handles the bulk of the design work while A.M. Social spreads the word about the upcoming designer’s event to the Columbus community.

This is the second collaboration between Montgomery and Khat Slade Demand. Montgomery said Jackson’s talent and the aesthetic of her creations set her apart from others in the fashion industry.

“I think that Khat is a very raw artist, so it’s just going to be different than anything else you’ll ever see,” Montgomery said.

The Demand Luck! An Immersive Fashion Exhibition, begins at 7 p.m. Thursday at the JPS Creative Space, a part of JPS Print, in downtown Columbus. Tickets are available for purchase at For more information, visit A.M. Social and Khat Slade Demand on social media.