Audit and Compliance Committee member John Zeiger speaks on the university’s handling of an NCAA compliance issue. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Managing Editor for Multimedia

An Audit and Compliance Committee member praised the handling of “a small issue with a football player of some prominence,” likely referring to Chase Young’s suspension at the committee’s meeting Thursday. 

Committee member John Zeiger recognized the work of Gates Garrity-Rokous, vice president and chief compliance officer for the Office of University Compliance and Integrity at Ohio State, and the compliance team as a whole for its handling of the issue.

Following an NCAA violation for accepting a loan this past year from whom Young called a family friend in a statement on social media Nov. 8, Young was suspended for two games. 

As soon as the university learned of these circumstances, the compliance team reached out to us,” Zeiger said. I saw our role as a Board committee to be assuring integrity in the process, and I have to say that that integrity was there from the first moment. And I think the university can be very proud of the way that the university handled the entire issue.” 

The committee also approved increased golf course fees, football ticket prices and the purchase of two new properties.

An 8-percent increase in golf course fees for alumni, faculty and staff and a 2.7 percent increase for students in the 2020 calendar year was approved by the committee. 

Also approved was 2020 football ticket prices to remain the same. Student ticket prices have been the same since the 2013 season — $34 per game — and season ticket pricing would be the same as the 2019 season. The 15-percent-off aggregate individual pricing season ticket discounts for the public and the 20-percent-off discount for faculty and staff would also remain the same.

The committee approved the purchase of a property on Highland Street between 10th and 11th avenues. According to the meeting materials, the purchase of the apartment building is the last parcel purchase needed to complete an entire block. The committee also approved the purchase of the five-story building in which the Eye and Ear Institute is currently located, which Ohio State has been leasing since 2008.

The Full Board will vote to approve golf course fees, ticket prices and property purchases later on Thursday.