The DYNOvember Climbing Contest will be held in the Tom W. Davis Climbing Center Nov. 22. Credit: Courtesy of OSU Rec Sports

Students can work their muscles and minds this week with a strategic rock climbing competition at the Outdoor Adventure Center.  

The annual DYNOvember Climbing Contest, taking place Friday, is inviting climbers of all skill levels to compete in a series of dynos —  a dynamic movement by which climbers use their momentum to jump from a designated start hold to a designated finish hold, Kami Tibbles, a third-year in mechanical engineering and the special events lead at the OAC, said.  

“I enjoy the problem-solving nature [of rock climbing],” Tibbles said. “It’s a way to be active while also engaging your brain. No matter what kind of body you have, no matter what kind of abilities you have, there’s always different moves or different strengths that you can use to your advantage on each route.”  

Tibbles said the contest will be laid-back and centered around having a good time rather than beating the competition. 

“[Dynos] are a really exciting climbing move,” Tibbles said. “It’s very explosive, and you’re allowed to unleash your inner child.” 

Tibbles said there will be about 50 dynos of varying skill levels set up on the bouldering wall for competitors to attempt. Participants will compete to complete each dyno in the fewest attempts possible to rack up the most points, with only their seven best scores counting toward their final score. 

Norman Chan, a fifth-year in forestry, fisheries and wildlife and the route-setting manager at the OAC, said competitors can attempt each dyno as many times as they wish, but will be awarded more points if they achieve each dyno hold sooner. 

Rather than scaling a wall to the top, a dyno is a single-move problem that is completed without touching any intermediate holds, Chan said.  

“I would say [dynos are] a very flashy kind of move or style,” Chan said. “So that’s a good way for some people to think of it. You’re going to look really cool doing it.” 

Although dyno-climbing can take some practice, Chan said all experience levels are welcome to participate. He said he also encourages anyone interested in the competition who does not want to compete to come watch. 

The only gear participants need to compete are climbing shoes, which can be rented from the OAC upon arrival. 

Dyno-climbing isn’t typically available at the OAC, as it takes constant supervision and spotters to ensure climbers don’t fall and injure themselves, Chan said. However, the bouldering wall will be available at the OAC, along with extra supervision from OAC employees, for about a week after the competition so anyone who can’t make it to the competition can still give dyno-climbing a try, Chan said.  

“It’s a chance to just try something new,” Chan said. 

The OAC offers regular rock climbing for all recreational sports members throughout the week, year-round, Chan said.  

The DYNOvember Climbing Contest will take place 5-9 p.m. Friday at the Tom W. Davis Climbing Center in the Outdoor Adventure Center. Those interested in the competition can sign up at The event is free with a valid BuckID. Guest passes will be available for $10.