A work shift on one of the press lines at Athens Messenger was eliminated, causing The Lantern to have a new design. Credit: The Lantern

Dear Lantern readers, 

The Lantern looks different today — and will for the foreseeable future. Soon after this past Thursday’s paper was printed, we learned that it was the final day The Lantern would be published in the format most of us have come to know. 

A work shift on one of the press lines at Athens Messenger, our printer, was eliminated because only The Lantern and Capital University Chimes were printed on the shift, meaning there wasn’t enough demand to keep the press line open during that time. 

Because of the resulting size change, The Lantern will be going through a significant redesign, and today’s paper is the first big step in that process. Our design team has been hard at work, and I’m confident that our staff will be able to reimagine an engaging look for our paper. 

Luckily, we can still print on the same days on the same deadline with Athens. It was important to us that the content we bring you would not change. The way stories look will be a bit different, but the core values of The Lantern will remain constant.

Many other news organizations are dealing with these challenges too, including the Columbus Dispatch, whose printing will be moved to Indianapolis in February. Change is hard, but it’s also an opportunity for growth, and I’m excited to see the ways The Lantern can evolve. 


All the best, 

Kaylee Harter